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5 Reasons Why You Should play at Thousand Hills

Date: 2013-11-23 03:39:33 pm

5 Reasons Why You Should play at Thousand Hills

Thousand Hills golf course, located at the heart of Branson at Thousand Hills golf resort was voted Best of the Ozarks for two years in a row by the readers of Springfield News Leader. In 2009, it was also rated 4 stars by Gold Digest magazine. This champion 18-hole golf course was designed by Robert E. Cupp and Architect Michael Riley and has earned the title of being the most popular golf course in Branson. The whole course is neatly trimmed with Zoysia grass and offers 5 reasons for everyone to dress in a gear and play.  

To be able to play golf, you would need large amount of practice and when you do master the game, don't you love to test how far your skills will take you? One of the best phrased aspects of the best golf course in the Ozarks is the challenge it present to every golf enthusiast who decides to play. Visitors claim that they could not even see the next hole thus making it hard to hit the ball. The course actually follows the slopes of the Ozark Mountains making it a hard task to complete a single game. Yamaha Golf Cart Logo

Another reason why you should spend a day at Thousand Hills golf course is the amenities that make the whole game easier. You can use Yamaha carts with global positioning systems without paying extra. You can also buy all sorts of golfing equipment and accessories at the Pro Shop located next to the course. Rental clubs are also available and if in the middle of a game you find yourself craving for a snack and some refreshments, you can make a stop at Mulligan's Snack Bar and Grill. But if you just want to grab a few minutes of rest to think of a few strategies to make your game better, you can spend a few minutes at the golf clubhouse.

Are you a novice interested in learning all the techniques? Or an intermediate player who want to improve your game? Or are you already a professional seeking the best place to play golf? Go no further than Thousand Hills golf course! The course has 3 separate sets of tees thus ensuring that every level of golfing skills is catered upon.

A journey on the Ozark Mountains would be fun! How would you love to sightsee while playing golf? At Thousand Hills 4 star golf course you will pass through one of kind rock formations, beautiful hardwood forest and clean streams which may make you think that you're far from all the fun at the center of the town. But the golf course is actually located next to the Strip near Grand Palace and Andy William's Moon River Theater.

Thousand Hills golf resort may be the best lodging there is in the Ozark Mountains but that fact is made even better since their well maintained golf course is open to the public. But it would be better if you actually own a Branson condo at the resort that is located next to the course which offers owner golf privileges.  

Challenging with deluxe amenities, able to cater to different golfing skills, perfectly located and open to the public! Who wouldn't want to play at Thousand Hills golf course? You for sure wouldn't want to miss this chance!

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