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A Cool Show for a Warm Summer Night

Date: 2015-05-27 12:00:00 am

A Cool Show for a Warm Summer Night


The Cat’s Pajamas Cat’s Pajamas is one of the most entertaining Branson shows that can deliver exhilarating performance with a wide selection of ageless hits spanning for the past 60 years. These talented vocalists will give you inspiration with their invigorating performances and win you over with their amazing showmanship. Cat’s Pajamas vocal band can create thousands of sounds without the use of instruments but only their world-class vocal artistic talent. As you wonder with their outstanding display of fascinating music, you’ll realize that watching this vocal band can let you cool during your summer trip to Branson.

This spectacular entertainment show blends with classic songs in a unique and modern cappella style. Check out this fantastic Branson show at the Andy Williams Moon River Theater. You will find this energetic group brings amazing performances with high energy, charm, wit, and powerhouse vocals. This incredible vocal band will be performing not just varied hit songs, but will bring wholesome fun with inspiring music of the entire band. This fascinating vocal band has performed on NBC’s hit show “The Sing-Off’’ that was watched by millions and boosted the group in receiving recognition as the Best Group in Branson in 2011.

Cat’s Pajamas vocal band in Branson is a popular quintet group that have displayed their rare talent by reaching the top 10 in Randy Jackson’s National Oreo Cookie Jingle Competition. The band have toured for five years and have been featured on global television were audiences seen it all over the world. Since 2010, Cat’s Pajamas Vocal Band released four albums and this group is sure to draw more fans in every performance. This show will surely please every age group as they perform old songs such as “Love Potion Number 9’’, “You’ve Lost That Loving Feeling’’, “Some Kind of Wonderful’’, “Only You’’, “Met Virginia’’, and many more.

Cat’s Pajamas is one of the most intriguing and amazing Branson shows at Music City Centre. This vocal group and music powerhouse have travelled the world over and now it’s time to bring their unique show to Branson. Whether this vocal band is performing in many venues in Branson or on stage of one of the most elegant cruise ships on the high seas, one thing is certain, this group will bring you the most amazing and unforgettable shows you will ever see.

This amazing vocal band have cultivated a fan following throughout the country and even able to pick up international fans with their incredible performances that were seen on global television. This all-male vocal group is one of the most unique live Branson shows that can deliver some of your favorite hit songs using only their voices as instruments. Showcasing their own brand of a cappella singing with harmony and beats – they create a once-in-a-lifetime show that shouldn’t be missed.

The Cat’s Pajamas is one of the most entertaining live music shows in Branson that allows you to experience a cool show once they start performing in a warm summer night.

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