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A Day of Adventure at the Park

Date: 2015-04-08 12:00:00 am

A Day of Adventure at the Park


Dogwood Canyon Nature Park Dogwood Canyon Nature Park is nestled beautifully south of Branson and across the Missouri-Arkansas border. The park offers tons of nature fun activities that can be greatly enjoyed by people of all ages. activities in Dogwood Canyon Nature Park include Guided Tram Tours, Self-Guided Walking or Biking Tour, Horseback Riding, and Trout Fishing. The park also offers Adventure Pass to visitors which allows them to spend a full day of outdoor adventures. While enjoying varied nature fun activities in the park, you can enjoy lunch at the Outdoor Café or buy some specialty items at the general store where you can find wide selection of unique gifts and souvenir items.

Segway Tours, Private Jeep Tours, and Guided Fishing are also offered at Dogwood Canyon Nature Park. The park covers an area of 10,000-acre of unspoiled Ozarks landscape which is great for biking, walking, and fishing on the canyon floor. Dog Canyon can also be accessed by guests with disabilities. Guests can enjoy horseback riding for a minimal fee and cabin rentals anytime of day depending on availability. With the availability of spacious parking areas, the park welcomes group tours on motorcoach.

Dogwood Canyon Nature Park is a private property operated and maintained by the owners of Big Cedar Lodge and Bass Pro Shops. The park is open to the public year round. If you want to see the magnificent wildlife in the Ozarks, Dogwood Canyon Nature Park is the perfect place to visit. Dogwood Canyon Nature Park offers other outdoor activities such as boating and kayaking. If you want to enjoy an exciting outdoor adventure, take a guided wildlife tram tour.

A unique tour that can be greatly enjoyed in the park is the two-hour, open-air ride tour that will take you through canyon that allows you to see many unique historical and archeological sites. With the exciting ride tour to the wonderful waterfalls, large herds of elk, white tail deer and even Texas longhorn cattle, you will learn from the tour guide the history of Dogwood Canyon. The caves located high in a steep bluff are among the archeological sites in the canyon. Ancient Native American cave burials have been discovered by the researchers during the creation of the park.

This nature park features a unique trout stream environment that gives visitors a chance to angle trout. The water in the stream is spring-fed and so clear that large trout can be seen moving at the bottom. If you want to try fishing, there is availability of fishing equipments and paid fishing lessons in the park. As visitor to the park, you can attend Trout Fishing School if you are interested in fly fishing. The Glory Hole is a must-see attraction that features a beautiful pool of clear water come from a waterfall.

Aside from tons of nature fun adventures offered at Dogwood Canyon Nature Park in Branson, you can also enjoy other great outdoor activities such as Segway Tours, Private Jeep Tours, and Guided Fishing.

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