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A Fantastic Christmas Show and a Wonderful Place to Stay

Date: 2014-11-07 12:00:00 am

A Fantastic Christmas Show and a Wonderful Place to Stay


Sight & Sound Theaters Thousand Hills Golf Resort is a wonderful place that offers Christmas Package for every guest. Visitors may avail this Christmas Package at Thousand Hills for a 2-night stay in 1 Bedroom Condo or 1 Bedroom Log Cabin each with 2 Miracle of Christmas Tickets. With this Christmas Package, you can enjoy the Miracle of Christmas Show at the Sight and Sound Theater in Branson. The theater is the biggest Christian theater in the nation that has the most attended live shows in the Midwest. This fantastic theater in Branson features a majestic 2000-seat, a 300-foot stage, cast of professional performers, and many kinds of live animals.

Sight and Sound Theater is considered by many as the Christian Broadway that created many exciting shows that were filled with action, laughter, adventure, and edge-of-your-seat storytelling for everyone. Watch this Christmas show presented at the theater while you enjoy a comfortable stay at one of the best accommodations at Thousand Hills Golf Resort. Sight and Sound Theater is such a great attraction in Branson that features a very accessible seating plan and excellent parking area. This holiday season, the theater features Christmas carol sing-along in the lobby that greets every incoming visitor to the theater.

A Miracle of Christmas Show is such a wonderful presentation in the Sight and Sound Theater that portrays the story of Jesus. The performers, the costumes, and the animals contributed to a truly wonderful and amazing Christmas Show. Be delighted to watch this special event in the Sight and Sound Theater that allows you to enjoy a unique and memorable form of entertainment. Experience with yourself why more than 15 million guests visit Branson and watch the Miracle of Christmas Show that features the greatest story in the bible.

The great Christmas presentation in the Sight and Sound Theater features Roman soldiers ride in horses in the city of Nazareth on the main stage. As the show continues, a wonderful transformation occurs that suddenly makes the stage become Bethlehem. This Christmas show portrays Joseph takes Mary to Bethlehem and travels from one place to another riding in a real live donkey. The show also features Angels arriving and flying from the ceiling. All in all this is really a wonderful experience that tells the real story of Christmas a memorable show for everyone.  

This fantastic Christmas Show at the Sight and Sound Theater is so fabulous with biblical inspiration and the presentation is really outstanding and worth seeing. Don’t miss to watch this wonderful show where the music, costumes, acting and sets are unbelievable. Be amazed to see the well behaved animals in the show. Some of the scenes in the show is so wonderful by knowing how things have happened in the time of the birth of Jesus.

The Miracle of Christmas Show in Sight & Sound Theater is a great presentation of the Christmas story that you will ever see. The show is really inspirational and can encourage everyone to visit this wonderful theater in Branson.


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