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A Glass of Wine and the Beauty of the Ozarks

Date: 2015-01-28 12:00:00 am

A Glass of Wine and the Beauty of the Ozarks


Lindwedel Winery is an interesting attraction in Branson that offers picturesque views of the Ozarks, great food, and some of the best wines in the region. The winery offers unmatched location that is overlooking the beautiful Ozark forests and mountains. Inside the winery, every guest can have the chance to sip a glass of wine or take a seat in a relaxing atmosphere at one of the tables properly set up inside the facility. Lindwedel Winery offers the great taste of real wines in the Ozarks that become one of the region’s legendary wines.

Lindwedel WineryFor many visiting tourists to the area, they will learn that Missouri is a superior place for vineyards to grow high quality grapes. With its superior wines, the region became known in producing countless award-winning wines. Many of the grapes grown in the region’s vineyards are hand-processed that will give you a taste of home-grown goodness. Lindwedel Winery features Lindwedel Wine Gardens in amazing location which offer a perfect venue for your next event. With its beautiful landscape that overlooks the treetops, the place is perfect for anniversaries, weddings, or other social events.

Lindwedel Winery was started by the Kim and Stephen Lindwedel in St. Louis in 1995 and later on moved to the Ozarks region on Table Rock Lake near Branson. Settling in the Ozarks along with their three daughters, Kim and Stephen started a new life at the lake. The idea of setting up Lindwedel Wine Gardens began as Stephen tried to think of a better way to tie together his chemistry background, his love of grape growing, and his wish to enjoy family and friends in a calm environment. So he started to plan of establishing a vineyard. With so much effort to start with and maintain a farm, and after some consultations, he decided that he and his family had neither the finances nor the time to start a vineyard.

After several trips in the fall of 2005 and in spring of 2006 to the wine country in Missouri with their family and close friends his plan of bringing his dream to the Ozarks and Branson area gave him hope. Kim and Steve then began looking a farm that is conveniently situated around the Branson area. By March 2007, they were able to purchase a property of 15 acres located just west of Branson. The beautiful view of the land is overlooking the rolling hills of the Ozarks, west of Highway 76 Strip and near the Shepherd of the Hills Inspiration Tower.

Lindwedel Wine Garden features the best wines that are only produced in the state of Missouri. These top quality wines are crafted with varieties of grown grapes in Missouri.  The staff at the garden look forward to both local residents and tourists who want to enjoy the best handcrafted wines in Missouri.

This beautiful attraction in Branson hopes that every visiting tourist to the facility can get the chance to enjoy the best wines in a relaxing atmosphere with family and friends.

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