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A Joyful Ride on a Flying Elephant

Date: 2014-09-16 05:00:00 am

A Joyful Ride on a Flying Elephant


Silver Dollar City in Branson offers more than 30 fun-filled rides that feature exciting and thrilling experience for each member of the family from wild water rides to speeding steel coasters. At Silver Dollar City you can test your stamina aboard great thrill rides such as Outlaw Run, the world’s most daring wooden coaster (voted Best New Ride of 2013 worldwide). The Wild Fire, Powder Keg, and the Giant Swing will also excite thrill enthusiasts. Elephant MarchThere are plenty more heart-pounding and exhilarating Branson attractions that can be found at Silver Dollar City.

Have you ever seen an elephant flying? Get ready for the Elephant March ride on the back of one of these parading pachyderms direct from the jungles. When you march your elephant, you will be in control of how high you go, you can soar skyward or stay near the ground. This ride will not operate if the temperature is 35 degrees or less.

Silver Dollar City occupies an area of more than 100 acres showcasing America’s heritage of presenting crafts created by a colony of 100 resident craftsmen, glassblowers, woodcarvers, potters, basket makers, leather crafters, candle makers, knife makers and more. When Silver Dollar City was founded in 1960s, it has been internationally awarded numerous times for excellence in presentation and operations, and theme parks including the worldwide Applause Award for excellence and the THEA Award (Themed Entertainment Association). The facility entertains 10 million visitors annually and employs 10,000 people.

Silver Dollar City offers many exciting rides for kids. These kids will be delighted in exploring the fun at the Grand Exposition including kid-friendly thrill rides such as the Magnificent Wave Carousel, the Grand Exposition Coaster, Elephant March and so much more. Riding the rails of the Frisco Silver Dollar Line Steam Train or taking a tour of Marvel Cave are some of the irresistible activities in Silver Dollar City. From thrilling attractions and classic coasters to the best kids’ thrilling rides and activities, Silver Dollar City is really a family’s favorite fun destination in Branson.

The world’s newest and most daring wooden coaster in Silver Dollar City, Outlaw Run marked the first-of-its-kind ride debut that made history with its opening in March 2013. This $10 million wooden coaster sends riders soaring through the Ozark Mountains. Outlaw Run is the world’s first and only double barrel roll on a wooden coaster with a 720-degree double barrel roll. Outlaw Run is the only wooden coaster to twist upside down with three inversions. It also features the world’s steepest with a first drop of 162 feet (equivalent to 16 stories). It is also the second fastest wooden coaster in the world reaching a high speed of 68 miles per hour. Outlaw Run was voted the Best New Ride in 2013 worldwide.

Silver Dollar City also hosts seven festivals and events that offer a variety of entertainment and exciting activities throughout the year. So, if you want to experience some of the many thrilling rides plus a variety of exciting activities, visit the Silver Dollar City in Branson.


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