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A Jurassic Golf Adventure

Date: 2015-05-13 12:00:00 am

A Jurassic Golf Adventure


Dinosaur Canyon Miniature Golf Dinosaur Canyon and Lost Treasure miniature golf courses are the two golf courses  inspired by Professor Duffer A. Hacker. Dinosaur Canyon is a fantastic Branson golf course that is surrounded by dinosaurs, as well as streams, waterfalls, and a volcano with real fire. Lost Treasurer is another beautiful Branson golf course where golfers take a mining train from the clubhouse to the golf course that features streams, an airplane, and ancient ruins.

Professor Duffer A. Hacker is a noted paleontologist, archaeologist, anthropologist, and part-time taxidermist from the University of Chicago. Professor Hacker have performed numerous expeditions with many locations around the Eastern United States that offer fun and exciting 18-hole miniature golf courses. The professor have also performed other small expeditions that include bumper boats, go carts, a maze, and exciting arcade game.

Professor Hacker’s Dinosaur Canyon golf course built in 2005, is the newest location among other 9 different golf courses. One of these 9 golf courses features an 85 foot long steamship that allows you to play on top of the ship. This Dinosaur Canyon golf course that features waterfalls, streams, a hot air balloon, dinosaurs, and a steamship will surely give you a lot of fun and excitement of playing miniature golf in the area. Most of the golf courses at Dinosaur Canyon are challenging but offer fun and excitement for all ages.

Dinosaur Canyon Miniature Golf is by far the best mini-golf course not only in Branson but the whole Missouri. The course design is unique and the area is well kept and clean. This golf attraction in Branson features two different courses –  the Raptor course has fewer steps than the T-Rex course. These two courses both go around and under the volcano. Near the fiberglass statues, you will find interesting factoids about dinosaurs. This miniature golf course offers daily freebie if you get a hole-in-one on the selected hole of the day. The 18-hole golf course offers a spectacular atmosphere where your family and friends can enjoy great outdoor experience around the area.

At Dinosaur Canyon miniature golf course, you will find statues of prehistoric beasts all through the course giving you great picture taking opportunities while playing. A fire breathing volcano that erupts every few minutes is such a spectacular attraction. On the steep side of the volcano clambers up a tourist dummy that makes you think – will he be eaten by the dinosaur or he can get away?

A golfing adventure with the Lost Treasure Golf Course of Professor  Hacker in Branson will let you take an exciting train ride from the clubhouse to the first hole at the top of the mountain to the start of the golf courses and play your way through an adventurous miniature golf. From here you will enjoy a spectacular views of waterfalls, streams, ancient ruins, and an airplane.

If you want to take an adventurous mini-golf experience that features spectacular views of gigantic reptiles, waterfalls, streams, and volcano with real fire, visit the Dinosaur Canyon Miniature Golf Course in Branson.

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