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A Museum Made for Those Who Love Cars and Farms!

Date: 2014-08-05 12:00:00 am

A Museum Made for Those Who Love Cars and Farms!


Branson Auto & Farm Museum is one of famous Branson attractions that was constructed in May 2009 as a purpose-built   Auto and Farm Museummuseum dedicated to the preservation and appreciation of historic automobiles. The museum is beautifully nestled in a place where “Engler Block” crafts mall once located. In 2010, this popular Branson attraction was purchased by a successful real estate and farm businessman Maurice Wilder of Clearwater, Florida, originally from Decatur, Illinois. When the museum was completely devastated by a tornado in February 2012, Mr. Wilder vowed to rebuild the museum and bigger than before and begun to acquire numerous automobiles. The farm portion was added to the name of the museum when it added tractors and other farm implements to display in the museum.

The new building covers an area of 78,000 square feet and holds approximately 220 automobiles and pieces of farm equipment. The museum is laid out in sections that wander through the building which is a perfect setting for a museum. The Branson Auto & Farm Museum displays over 100 vintage cars and tractors and many of them are for sale.

The cars and farm inventories in the museum are regularly changed, so if you were not satisfied with the current displays, just come back some other time. The museum features two-row wooden corn planter made in 1853 by Brown Company and a wooden steam engine from the early 1900s. The museum also displays favourite piece 1950s Chevy Nomad, a station wagon with a telltale shape.

Mr. Wilder is one of the largest single independent corn farmer in the United States. He invested approximately $9 million for the land, construction, cars, and farm equipments. Since the re-opening of the museum many people have gone through exhibits and satisfied what they have experienced in seeing antiques, collectible cars, and old farm equipments. Some of the vintage cars in the museum are for sale while some, like Evel Knievel’s Cadillac and motorcycle are only for display. The museum also features 5,000 sq. ft. gift shop which is filled with goodies for car enthusiasts, as well as the farm-hearted visitors. From scale model cars and trucks, bronze statues, apparel and other unique finds for every occasion, you can find it all here.

In addition to the gift shop and agricultural display, the Branson Auto & Farm Museum has also features sculpture display called Sculpture World gallery that contains bronze sculptures and home furnishings. A mainstay of displays in the museum is a jade sculpture of a ship. This ship sculpture was carved by two older Chinese gentlemen who created this majestic work of art. This jade sculpture was purchased by Mr. Wilder from a European museum. It is about 12 feet long, standing 7 feet, and weighs approximately 2,500 pounds. It took five and a half years to finish this hand-carved jade ship.

If you want to see a collection of antiques, collectible cars, and old farm equipments, and other interesting exhibits, visit one of the newest Branson attractions, the Branson Auto & Farm Museum.


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