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A Night for the Eagles!

Date: 2014-08-09 12:00:00 am

A Night for the Eagles!


Tribute Theater is one of the newest theaters in Branson to open its doors to visitors. This beautifully set-up attraction provides a unique Branson show that features all the greatest hits from the Eagles. Tribute Theater in located at the intersection of the famous Highway 76 “Strip” and sits diagonally across the street near the site of the Titanic Museum. The theater can be accessed from nearly anywhere in downtown Branson. Tribute Theater offers visitors great entertainment throughout the year. This intimate entertainment venue in Branson is home to a half-dozen acts and performances that share some of the best tribute shows in the world. Eagles Tribute

The layout of this entertaining Branson Show in Tribute Theater gives visitors and audience members a personal experienced that is incomparable. From the recently improved lighting and sound system to the seats which have been renovated, it will give you a unique form of fun and excitement to enjoy some of the best live entertainment shows in town. Tribute Theater features many exciting entertainment performances of some of the world-class entertainers who are widely known for their great music such as The Eagles and The Platters.

The Eagles is one of the most world-famous rock groups of all time, with legendary members that shaped the unique rendition of music over the past few decades. Now, you have the chance to see a tribute to this world-famous band in Branson that performs live on stage with “Take It To The Limit: Eagles Tribute Concert!” The southern-style rock music that you will hear onstage at the Tribute Theater each night include some of the best selections of songs from the popular group that include hits such as “Already Gone,” “Seven Bridges Road,” and one of their greatest hits – “Hotel California!”

This full, live band in Tribute Theater will take you through the many songs that were performed together by the group. They will also perform the solo career songs of some members in the group (like Joe Walsh’s “Life’s Been Good”) in a fun-packed two-hour tribute to this world renowned rock group. On the opening of their first song, you can’t believe that you’re actually watching Eagles Tribute Concert – you may think you’re seeing and hearing the legendary band right in front of you.

Another great Branson Show in Tribute Theater is The Platters Show. Journey back in time as the rich and satin voices of The Platters will titillate you as they sing classic songs such as Only You, Great Pretender, Twilight Time, Smoke Gets in Your Eyes, My Prayer, and much more. See the glory of Motown’s heydays when the group revived it on stage and perform musical styles that the famous group brings to light each night at the Tribute Theater. The Platters Show will take you back to the time of slow dances, sock hops, hot rods, and drive-in movies.

So, if you want to watch live music show that features the greatest hits of The Eagles, come see this legendary band performs at the Tribute Theater in Branson.


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