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A Summer Rollercoaster Ride

Date: 2015-05-03 12:00:00 am

A Summer Rollercoaster Ride


Summer season is a wonderful time to share the fun and excitement with your family when you take a thrilling rollercoaster ride at Silver Dollar City in Branson. Roller coasters have been the most popular ride at amusement and theme parks for the past century.  After experiencing this thrilling ride, you will know why roller coasters are called “scream machines’’. When the first roller coaster was first introduced , it was a simple car that rolled down a hill which later evolved into an engineering marvel. This behemoth machine travels fast with nearly twice the speed limit on the highway and wilder than ever.

roller coaster For many thrilling ride enthusiasts visiting Silver Dollar City this summer season, it’s a love affair with unique fun a roller coaster can offer. The moment you begin your first descent, your body will be filled with adrenaline creating more thrill-seeking activity. For others, they feel it’s a scary experience. Overcoming fears despite of being scared is a challenge for every roller coaster ride enthusiast, and that can be as rewarding as it is exciting. Your summer vacation will not be complete if you don’t take an amazing roller coaster ride at Silver Dollar City.

Silver Dollar City theme park was started and run by Herschend family in 1960 by offering tours to Marvel Cave. Since then the park evolved into a unique family attraction and saw an increase of visitors coming to see what Silver Dollar City has to offer. Visitors coming to enjoy the fun in the park will get to know the history of the place of what it was like to live in the Ozark Mountains during 1880s. The Herschend Family Entertainment also operates other Branson attractions like the White Water Park, Ride the Ducks, and Showboat Branson Belle.

When the first roller coaster was installed in 1993 at Silver Dollar City, it was integrated with the unique topography of the facility. The park later developed a two-train, five inversion roller coaster. By 2003, Silver Dollar City saw an increasing number of visitors coming to the park and they started looking for options to modernize the roller coaster. So the following year 2004, Silver Dollar City installed the new roller coaster called the Powder Keg Rollercoaster using the same station structure.

Originally established in a five building frontier, Silver Dollar City had to sell souvenirs to tourists visiting the Marvel Cave. It then grown to become the most popular tourist attraction in Southwest Missouri and the most visited summer destination for many Midwesterners. The park today offers  not only amusement rides but also a crafts colony that features hundreds of craftsmen and artisans demonstrating their skills in  making quilts, glass blowing and more. The park is also home to live entertainment shows, 60 unique shops, 30 rides, and six family festivals that are held from April to December.

To enjoy the best of your vacation experience this summer season, don’t miss to take a thrilling roller coaster ride at Silver Dollar City theme park in Branson.

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