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A Thrilling Ride on a Spinning Disk

Date: 2014-10-08 12:00:00 am

A Thrilling Ride on a Spinning Disk


Electro Spin at Silver Dollar City is a beautiful Branson attraction that features a thrilling ride on a spinning disk. Electro Spin features a half-pipe of coaster track that holds up to 40 riders. When the disk starts to spin, the ride moves back and forth in the half-pipe making the spin fair and smooth. Moving with a dizzying speed, this thrilling mechanical sensation launching you 50 feet toward the sky and spins around before launching up another 50 feet in the opposite direction. This exciting Branson attraction will make every rider sitting along the edge of the circular platform as it rotates into the sky.

Electro Spin features a Zamperla Mega Disk’O attraction with its U-shaped track located in the middle of the Grand Exposition. This smaller Disk’O accommodates up to 24 passengers sitting on motorcycle-style seats, facing outwards around the vehicle in the outermost edge of the 33 ft diameter disk. The sensation it provides to riders is a combination of weightless moments and positive-G moments that constantly varies in each seat. This thrilling ride moves at a speed of 14 mph that lasts only 2 minutes.

Silver Dollar City is a great amusement park because it features artists and craftsmen that demonstrate their skills all day along with their old-time crafts. Some of the unique handcrafted items displayed by craftsmen include basket weaving, glass blowing, blacksmithing, and many more. The craftsmen have their crafts displayed in their shops for sale to some interested buyers. Silver Dollar City welcomes everyone with its century old hospitality of the Ozarks.

When the roller coaster became available to riding public in 2001 and 2004 along with Wildfire and Powder Keg respectively, Silver Dollar City made the right move of adding more thrill rides for visiting families to keep them coming to the park. The one-acre Grand Expedition in the park was added to dedicate vacationing families and kids. Amongst the varied Branson attractions added were the Wave Carousel, Elephant March, Racing Regatta, Royal Tea Party, Happy Frogs, Wings of Wonder, Ladybugs, Mighty Galleon, Expo Coaster, and the most exciting new ride, Electro Spin.

American Plunge at Silver Dollar City is a great Branson attraction that allow you to climb aboard a hollowed log-boat and takes you on a float trip through the Ozarks. On your seat, you may use footrests and hand bars to brace yourself. Once the log-boat reaches on top, it comes down to give you a thrilling 50-foot drop at a speed of 35 miles per hour and make the final splash drop in a pool that soaks the log-boat and the riders. The Giant Swing is another great ride at Silver Dollar City that is set in a massive hay barn. In this ride you are strapped to a pendulum that blasts through the barn doors at 45 mph.

If you want to experience a unique and exciting ride with Electro Spin on a spinning disk, visit the Silver Dollar City in Branson that offers many kinds of thrilling rides.


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