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All in One Roof

Date: 2015-07-08 12:00:00 am

All in One Roof


Branson IMAX Entertainment ComplexBranson IMAX Entertainment Complex is the best place to visit during spring season where you can get the chance to watch classic movies, live entertainment shows, shopping, and great foods. All of these entertaining activities can be enjoyed all in one roof. Whether you want to watch a favorite Hollywood film or live shows for pleasure or want to go shopping with fine dining, you can have both at Branson IMAX Entertainment Complex.

Most theaters at Branson IMAX feature a giant screen with a height equivalent to six stories and a width of 83 feet and with the use of cutting-edge film technology. Watching movies at any of the theaters inside the complex will surely give you wholesome fun as you enjoy the surround sound system that features 22,000 watts that can scintillate you. Comprise the list of featured films at the Branson IMAX Entertainment Complex are several old classic movies and many other new film presentations. Theaters at the complex not only feature entertaining blockbuster movies but also educational presentations that focus on educational aspects of the film.

Aside from the spectacular blockbuster film presentations at the complex, you can have the chance to watch great live entertainment performances all throughout the year. These live performances can be enjoyed at the Little Opry Theater where famous shows include the Petersen Family Bluegrass Band, A Tribute to John Denver, Johnny Cash Songbook, A Tribute to Marty Robins, Hank Williams Revisited, Smoke on the Mountain, and Patsy Cline Remembered.  

Branson IMAX Entertainment Complex is not only a popular vacation destination for moviegoers, shopping and dining opportunities can also be enjoyed to satisfy your shopping pleasure and cravings for delightful foods. The complex is a full-service entertainment center, designed to give you more than a movie and live show experience. It has also a shopping area that features sixteen different specialty shops offering a variety of unique items that range from arts and collectibles, jewelries to many hard-to-find objects making the complex a great vacation spot in the Ozarks region.

After you have enjoyed so much watching your favorite Hollywood movies and having acquired unique items from your shopping spree then it’s time for you to energize your body after a long day of shopping activity. Indulge yourself with a delicious meal at some of the snack shops inside the complex. The food court at the complex features the Fudgery where you can find delicious fudge, bulk candies, and other sweet delicacies. Other restaurant options inside the complex include Montana Mike’s Steakhouse, McFarlain’s Family Restaurant, Baskin Robbins and Quiznos, Breadeaux Pizza, and more. While you are inside the complex, get the chance to pick up gifts and souvenirs in some stores such as Fabulous Finds, Legacy and Legends Gifts, the Ozark Mountain Time Clock Shop, the Shadow Box, and more.

Spring Break in Branson is a great time to experience fun activities in just one roof where you can enjoy classic movies, live shows, shopping, and delightful foods at the Branson IMAX Entertainment Complex.

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