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Amazing Facts About the Tigers

Date: 2015-07-06 12:00:00 am

Amazing Facts About the Tigers


National Tiger Sanctuary in Branson is a unique zoo where you can get the chance to see a variety of big cats such as the mountain lions, white tigers, bears, panthers, Bengal tigers, and many more. This awesome place offers nature fun activities for visitors who want to get up close and personal with the big cats. Your visit to the National Tiger Sanctuary allows you to enjoy educational facility of the zoo and the opportunity of viewing great display of these scary creatures.

National Tiger Sanctuary Guided tours are conducted regularly in the sanctuary three times a day that last approximately one and a half hours. With this guided tour offered for all visitors, it’s always great to enjoy nature fun activities inside the sanctuary that will allow you to witness the big cats sleep together, play with barrels and pumpkins, play with each other, nurture their young, and eat as they rip the raw meats fed to them. Most of the big cats and other rescued tigers at the National Tiger Sanctuary make you feel a unique experience of nature fun and excitement that you haven’t felt before. The sanctuary offers visitors special tours that give them the chance to watch these big cats during feeding time.

The National Tiger Sanctuary offers a wildlife refuge tours on site. These refuge tours include feeding the tigers in the first USDA-approved facility in the country allowing visitors to feed these amazing big cats. This wildlife refuge tour inside the sanctuary offers everyone a once in a lifetime experience with awesome creatures. The sanctuary also offers a behind the scenes tour where you will get to see firsthand experience with the tigers how they are cared and fed. In this wildlife refuge tour, you will also get the chance to see how the foods are prepared for the tigers and see how the staff assists in the feeding process.

The National Tiger Sanctuary also offers Awareness Tour where visitors can have the opportunity to visit the awesome tigers and witness each of their unique traits and behaviours. This awareness tour starts with some nature fun activities and finishing with a close up view with the tigers. Another exciting tour to experience inside the sanctuary is the Combo Awareness Tour and Feeding Tour. In this tour, you can watch the tigers three feet away and a chance to see their distinctive behavior which is so fascinating to see.

This tiger sanctuary in Branson has been entertaining visitors since 2000 to explore the facility in an interactive and educational tour to meet some of the most revered and feared exotic animals in the world. As one of the most renown refuge of amazing wildlife creatures, the National Tiger Sanctuary has become one of the world’s leading habitats for exotic big cats.

The National Tiger Sanctuary is a must to visit in Branson where you can see a variety of amazing tigers and get the chance to learn how these exotic animals are cared and fed.

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