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Awesome Entertainment at the Clay Cooper Theatre

Date: 2015-07-03 12:00:00 am

Awesome Entertainment at the Clay Cooper Theatre


Clay Cooper Theatre The Clay Cooper Theater offers some of the most entertaining Branson shows for the whole family who wants to enjoy awesome entertainment of singing, dancing, comedy, and country music. With several shows and other special events taking place throughout the year, you’re always guaranteed a great time at Clay Cooper Theater. Clay Cooper and his talented staff go the extra mile to provide fun and exciting family entertainment for everyone. Formerly owned and operated by the Osmond Family, the theater is now owned by Clay Cooper when he took it over in January 2010.  

Clay Cooper Theater hosted many popular shows with the biggest stars in Branson. The theater is a former home of the Legends in Concert Show. When Clay Cooper took over the theater, he began to remodel and renovate the new façade for the venue. State-of-the-art equipments were installed that include lighting, sound, video screens, cameras, and stage sets. The theater has also added new theater seats and upgraded the lobby. The backstage area was added with 7,000 square foot of space. All of these renovations and upgrades ensure guests to enjoy utmost fun in town.

Current shows at Clay Cooper Theater such as “Clay Cooper’s Country Express” and the “Haygoods’’ feature a wide variety of different acts and performances. With the early involvement of Clay Cooper in the music industry at an early age of 16, he’d got the chance to perform in Branson with a kid’s band known as the Texas Goldminors. His love in playing bass, singing, and meeting new people made him think that Branson is a perfect place for him. From then on, he continued performing several shows at Clay Cooper Theater. After every show, Clay hangs out with the audience, greeting and meeting new fans.

Clay Cooper’s Country Express is a great show for people of all ages. Everyone is guaranteed to enjoy live music, dancing, singing, hilarious comedy, and more. From the Doobie Brothers to Bruno Mars, Clay Cooper and his cast of 24 talented artists will entertain you with a high energy performance filled with country, gospel, patriotic songs, and more. Their incredible music talent, hilarious comedy, and down-to-earth personality will make you think of watching them again.

The Haygoods’ 21st Smash Hit Season at the Clay Cooper Theater is a popular Branson show where over 5 million people are taking part in this exciting show experience. Five brothers and one sister formed the Haygoods band which offers world class entertainment show with special effects. With the Haygoods’  energetic choreography, incredible harmonies, innovative and amazing performances, you will surely be stunned with their amazing performances on over 20 different instruments. The music of the 60s and the hits of today’s country, rock, and pop artists create an amazing show that you will remember forever.

Clay Cooper Theatre in Branson is home to many popular shows with the biggest stars who are sure to entertain everyone with awesome variety show of music, dancing, singing, hilarious comedy, and more.

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