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Be Captivated with the Power of SIX

Date: 2014-06-13 12:00:00 am


Be Captivated with the Power of SIX

When you are in Branson and want to go to a fabulous show, check out The SIX Show, a group of real six Knudsen Brothers. Their new electrifying show is already garnering praises in the entertainment world.  The amazing performances of the Knudsen Brothers will captivate the hearts of the audience. The members of the SIX Show  Barry, Kevin, Lynn, Jak, Owen, and Curtis had humble beginnings. They started their career with the popular Donny and Marie Show.

The Knudsen Brothers have performed with famous performers such as the Beach Boys, Trisha Yearwood, and Diana Ross. The singing efforts of the Knudsen Brothers began to pay off quickly. Soon they were given the opportunity to perform in the Hollywood A-list of celebrities like Clint Eastwood, Arnold Swarzennegger, Joel Silver, and Warren Betty. They have also performed on the Caribbean Cruise Lines for more than 10 years. Recently, they have moved to Branson to continue the showmanship they have learned from Las Vegas.

These six brothers are the six oldest in the family. They come from a family of ten brothers where their parents apparently wanted a girl. Barry Knudsen, the eldest was born in Davenport, Iowa. The second eldest Kevin Knudsen was born in Farmington, New Mexico. Lynn Knudsen, the third eldest was born in Mesas, Arizona. The fourth eldest brother Jack Knudsen was born in El Paso, Texas. The fifth brother Owen Knudsen was born in Seattle, Washington and the sixth brother Curtis Knudsen was born in Seattle as well. Their father worked from everywhere to support their nomadic way of living.

These brothers of The Six Show can create amazing sounds of a number of instruments directly coming from their lips. The Six Show performs music without a band where their world class voices help produce a very entertaining show. Your favorite music will probably be heard at their show. The six brothers sing, dance, and act ranging from Beach Boys classics to MoTown favorites. While Jack is beating the drums, Kevin is performing solo with his best song, while Barry, Lynn, Owen, and Curtis dance engrossingly at the background. The fantastic appearances of the six brothers continue to capture the audience until the end of the show with their stunning final performance.

sical show, come to Branson and be amazed with their unique act on stage.


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