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Beat the Summer Heat at the Silver Dollar City

Date: 2015-04-18 12:00:00 am

Beat the Summer Heat at the Silver Dollar City


Lost River of the OzarksWith tons of exciting attractions and several thrilling water rides to enjoy at Silver Dollar City, you are sure to beat the summer heat. This summer season, Silver Dollar City has great features of new family adventures designed for kids and adults alike. The more than 40 fun-filled rides offer something exciting for each member of the family, from thrilling Frisco Silver Dollar Line Steam Train ride to wild water rides. Test your adrenaline rush aboard great thrill rides such as American Plunge, Lost River of the Ozarks, Happy Frogs, Racing Regatta, Flooded Mine, and Fire in the Hole. All these offer thrilling rides that can cool you down during summer.

The American Plunge is a great water attraction in the park that takes you to float through the Ozarks wilderness on a hot summer day. This float trip will climb more than five stories high into the sky and splash down at speeds reaching 35 miles per hour. This exhilarating splash will drench you and everyone nearby. This traditional log flume ride offers an exciting way to enjoy a refreshing soaking experience.

If you want to experience the fastest and wildest whitewater rapids in the Ozarks, try the Lost River of the Ozarks. You will raft along the rapids where the mighty raging river propels your raft through torrential tunnels and past water blasters on the shoreline aimed at you. The powerful currents of the river send you turning, twisting, and dropping right into the deluge. With this wild ride on the river, you should be prepared to get soaked.

Try also a rousing game with the Happy Frogs with your friends with jumping leaps and bounds above the ground. Kids will surely giggle with delight aboard these jumping frogs. It’s the favorite ride in the Insectarium that keeps kids leapin’. Another thrilling water adventure in the park is the Racing Regatta that sets sail on a high seas racing to exotic ports of call. As the first man takes control of the boat, you hold on tight as you take on the rolling waves of the ocean with the speed of the wind.    

Another exciting attraction offered in the park is the Flooded Mine where the warden needs your help. You need to rescue some of the prisoners who are trying to escape from a flooded county prison. The water carries you through the flooded mine shafts, climb into ore carts, past jack hammers, mine explosions, and pump stations. Visitors of all ages will surely enjoy this indoor float-through water attraction. Fire in the Hole is a great indoor roller coaster ride through the darkness of an Ozark night that is filled with mysterious sounds and naughty acts. Somebody has set the town ablaze, and your only chance to escape is to cross the fiery bridge where danger awaits.

Silver Dollar City in Branson offers tons of exciting attractions and several thrilling water rides that will certainly cool you down during hot summer day.

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