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Benefits of Walking Barefoot

Date: 2015-07-16 12:00:00 am

Benefits of Walking Barefoot


earthingWalking barefoot known as “earthing’’ has gone from old culture trend to a beneficial practice with health advantages such as reducing inflammation, improving sleep, and increasing antioxidants. Hiking in Branson barefoot means walking on grass, soil or sand, or any natural surface. So, walking barefoot in concrete sidewalks in the city does not mean to give healthy benefits. Studies show that the health benefits come from walking activity and the electrons our bodies get while walking barefoot on the ground. The earth has its own natural charge, and it can give us benefits when we’re in direct contact with it.

The Journal of Environmental and Public Health publication revealed that electrons drawn from the earth through barefoot walking truly improves health. In some accounts, chronic pain patients slept better and experienced less pain using grounded carbon fiber mattresses. In another study, it was found out that lying in earth or walking barefoot improved the electrical activity in the brain. Other sources revealing the benefits of earthing found that walking barefoot in natural ground can improve glucose regulation, reduce stress, and boost immunity.

One interesting revelation published in The Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine, proved that earthing increases the surface charge of red blood cells. As a result, clumping in the cells will be avoided and decreases blood viscosity. High viscosity can be a contributing factor to a heart disease, which is why many people take aspirin each day to improve the blood circulation of the heart. Another study in the same journal found that barefoot walking may help regulate the nervous systems better.

Hiking in Branson or anywhere in the Ozark region is an outstanding way to enjoy nature as its finest that gives benefits in melting faster your calories. The Tri-Lakes area in Branson offers some of the most beautiful hiking trails in the US. Here you can enjoy easy to moderate hiking through unique glades and beautiful forested areas or in a more challenging hiking trails past scenic spots, rugged hollows, waterfalls, or strenuous backpacking trips in the wilderness. The area offers year-round of hiking adventures for all ages. Whatever trail you want to hike, keep an eye with the wildlife which is abundant with wild turkey, fox, lizards, bald eagles and herds of deer in the lush forests.

One of the most beautiful places in the Ozarks that offer fascinating hiking trails include the Busiek State Forest and Wildlife Area. This area features 18 miles of trails for use by hikers, bicyclists, and horseback riders. The area is also ideal for picnic, primitive camping, and firearms range. Stockstill Park is another favorite destination for locals and tourists alike who want to experience a great hiking adventure. This park hosts softball and tennis leagues. A skate park and a soccer field can also be found in this 62 acre park.

If you want to get tons of good benefits for your body, try to walk barefoot in many hiking trails in the Ozarks that is sure to give you numerous health benefits.

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