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Branson Balloon Festival

Date: 2015-08-11 12:00:00 am

Branson Balloon Festival


Annual Branson Balloon Festival Branson is hosting 5th Annual Branson Balloon Festival this season at the Branson RecPlex from August 21 to 23. This is one of the most colorful attractions in Branson that features 20 hot air balloons from 7 different states giving you the opportunity to see colorful balloons flying up high in the sky. Enjoy the fun as you see powered parachutes, helicopter rides, skydiving, entertainment, food and vendors. Don’t forget to try this breathtaking ride with hot air balloon that takes place each morning at sunrise.

This season will be the final year of Branson Balloon Festival at Branson RecPlex. The date and location will be changed if the event will be revived next year. Balloon Festival Network, the organizer of the hot air balloon festival already has a new name “Balloon Daysz’’ to replace the old name Branson Balloon Festival next season. Some of the 20 giant  Hot Air Balloons featured in the event include names such as “Champagne Cowboy,’’ “Freedom,’’ “Odd Duck’’ and many more. When they are ready for the flights, their crews from as far as Florida, spread the balloons and attach their baskets and start to blow them with hot air and up for an exciting balloon ride.

As you watch this exciting festival, you will surely be amazed to see the launching process that unfolds right before your eyes as the balloons start to take shape, displaying colorful designs that rise up gracefully into the air and gently fly away taking their passengers on a fascinating ride experience. You will truly feel a unique experience to see many colorful balloons floating up in the air.

Normally, a balloon flight usually lasts about 30 minutes to one hour in the air. Whether you are riding the hot air balloon or not, you will be truly fascinated with the colorful designs of the balloons that are starting to rise up. The Ozarks countryside is colorful this time of year. If you have the opportunity to ride the hot air balloon or just watch the pilot and crew inflate it, you are sure to enjoy this unique and exciting balloon festival that will make you think to come again and try a great hot air balloon ride.

Weather permitting, Hot Air Balloon flight heaves over the Branson area on a daily basis. Early morning launch is recommended to people who wish to take a flight because this is the time when there is the least chance of rain or wind and usually offers the best flying weather conditions. Everyone who’s planning to come to Branson to seek out and attend the events is advised to do beforehand by checking Branson Tourism Center’s Upcoming Events Calendar. You only need to spend a few minutes that might prevent you from missing a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to share a special moment with your family.

Balloon Festival is one of the most fascinating attractions in Branson where you can have the opportunity to see many colorful balloons dazzling like glittering lights.

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