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Branson’s Best Tasting Wines

Date: 2015-01-23 12:00:00 am

Branson’s Best Tasting Wines


Branson’s Best Tasting WinesMt. Pleasant Winery in Branson offers visitors an opportunity to learn about wine processing and a chance to participate in wine tasting. For more than 150 years, Mt. Pleasant Winery has been producing the most sought-after wines and features the best tasting wines in the region. Many wine enthusiasts have remarkably favored the award-winning varieties of wines produced by Mt. Pleasant Winery as their top choice. The first wine facility designed by the United States was located in Augusta, MO which is 3 and a half hours north of Branson. This winery in Augusta maintains 12 varieties of grapes on 78 acres. For more than two decades, this wine facility in Augusta have won numerous prestigious awards.

The wine facility in Branson is a distribution point of wine products for both facilities. Tourists who visit this popular winery in Branson can have the opportunity to experience first-hand production process and a chance to get samples to bring home. The 9,200-square-foot facility in Branson was opened in April 2008. Visiting tourists to the winery can have the chance to shop, receive sample of award-winning Mt. Pleasant’s wines and can even request a bottle of wine of their own from 600-gallon French oak barrel.

Mount Pleasant Winery grows grapes on the hillsides that are not susceptible to floods and frosts. Hillside areas enjoys sun exposure and access to southeasterly breezes. The agricultural techniques applied in hillside farming provides the highest quality of grape fruits year round. It takes five long years for a vine tree to bear full fruit production. Each year Mount Pleasant plants additional vines to keep up the demands for wines. The vines that are grown in the vine yard use viticulture, a wine grape growing system that is economically viable, socially supportive, and ecologically sound.

After the harvesting of grapes in the vineyard it is quickly transported to the facility for crushing and pressing into juice. After extracting the juice, it will be transported through underground pipes to large tanks and transferred it to small barrels in the cellars. Some wines are placed in oak barrels to age, while some varieties will be placed in stainless tanks. The natural process of fermenting wines with the use of yeast converts the fruit sugar into alcohol. Depending on variety, temperature and yeast strains, fermenting process may vary from three to sixty days.

Many of the wines produced at Mount Pleasant Winery received awards and accolades. These wines include t he Cabernet Sauvignon American NV (soft with raisin, plum, and a light tasty finish); Vignoles Missouri 2009 (clean and soft with dry green plum and peach notes);  and Merlot America NV (soft and lighty jammy, with plum, cherry and toasty vanilla). Mount Pleasant Winery in Branson is proud to be a smoke free environment. The winery offers visitors a chance to gain knowledge about the processing of the award-winning wines.   

So, if you want to know why the wines at Mt. Pleasant Winery is the most sought-after, visit the Mount Pleasant Winery in Branson and experience the best wine tasting of its award-winning wines.

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