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Bungee Jumping at the Tracks 4

Date: 2015-06-19 12:00:00 am

Bungee Jumping at the Tracks 4


SkycoasterBungee jumping may have been invented in New Zealand, but it’s now the United States that has the most prime bungee jumping spots where jumpers loaded with adrenaline can really get their heart pounding. Whether you want to try bungee jumping off the bridge or the building, you can find plenty of places where courageous jumpers or scared yet enthusiastic jumpers have the guts in harnessing themselves safely and take the plunge. Many of the structures worldwide for bungee jumping are fixed objects like bridges, cranes or buildings. But many jumps are done from movable objects such as helicopters or hot air balloons.

Bungee jumping at Track 4 at the Track Family Fun Parks is one of the newest attractions in Branson that offers exhilarating jumping activity.  Although a bit intimidating, once you are harnessed safely to a huge elastic cord, then you feel safe to jump from a high structure. To start a heart-pumping bungee jumping activity at Track 4, you need to climb the 70 foot Bungee Tower and after you are harnessed safely, you can jump at a rate of 125 miles per hour where many neophyte jumpers find it intimidating but actually feels a thrilling and exhilarating experience.

The Skycoaster is another thrilling ride at the Track Family Fun Parks where thrill seekers can have a blast in a 100 foot tall super swing that combines elements of jumping, hang gliding as well as skydiving. Skycoaster is located at the Track 4 where participants are harnessed safely and pulled up 100 feet into the air. This 70 mph swinging adventure will have you viewing amazing picturesque sceneries. Unlike other jumps, it can accommodate up to 3 people.

Whether you are taking an exciting ride on a high rise go-kart track, or putting your way in a Glow Golf, you will certainly have a sensational time at The Track Family Fun Parks in Branson. If sitting in a twisting metal is your thing, you definitely like to hop in a Heavy Metal High Rise with fascinating go-kart ride that climbs a 4 stories high structure. Maybe you want to try an exciting ride in a big wooden track, then get your motor running and climb on the huge Wild Woody or the Lumberjack.

If the whole family wants to ride at the same time, then the Road Course Track is the perfect choice. This road course delivers higher banked curves than a traditional track and a long track which means it can handle more karts. In the Road Course Track, you’ll find a go-kart adventure for every taste. Be sure not to miss the newest attractions in Branson like dodging the lasers or finding your way out at the Laser Maze Challenge. In Branson there’s never a dull moment when you’re at “The Track Family Fun Parks’’.

If you want to try an exhilarating ride experience of your life, visit The Track Family Fun Parks in Branson where you can try a heart-pounding bungee jumping or skydiving with the Skycoaster.

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