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Classic and Art Lover? Then Harold Bell Wright Museum is Perfect for You

Date: 2014-12-28 12:00:00 am

Classic and Art Lover? Then Harold Bell Wright Museum is Perfect for You


Harold Bell Wright MuseumHarold Bell Wright Museum is one of the best Branson museums that features a great display of original manuscripts, gun collection, and original paintings of Harold Bell Wright. In the Harold Bell Museum, you can see one of Harold Bell Wright’s original manuscripts, gun

collection, woodworking tools, and original paintings. Harold Bell Write had written a number of best selling books in the early to the mid-twentieth century. Many of his books became number one selling books for many years and are still popular to this day. There were also several movies that were based on his book – John Wayne was one of the stars that portrayed role from one of his books.

When you visit the Harold Bell Museum, you will be able to read a letter written from President Reagan to Wright family expressing his appreciation for Harold Bell Wright and the influence he had in Reagan’s early life. The World’s Largest Toy Museum is also one of the most visited Branson museums located in the same spot where Harold Bell Wright Museum stood. Visitors to the Harold Bell Wright Museum will learn history about the Shepherd of the Hills as they view the personal items, antiques, and manuscripts of Mr. Wright’s nineteen books.

Aside from being a successful writer, Harold Bell Wright was also an artist and a minister. His famous book, Shepherd of the Hills shared an interesting history to the people in Branson. The first book written by Mr. Wright, “That Printer of Udell’s” was read by eleven-year-old Ronald Reagan who became our president. The power of his book had helped formed the Christian belief of Ronald Reagan. Many of the books of Harold Bell Write were best selling books that have inspired millions of readers across America.

Harold Bell Wright was one of the most widely read authors in the early 20th century. His passion for the great outdoors and his love of God were shared to readers through his many works of magazine articles, movies, screen plays and his wonderfully penned novels. The Shepherd of the Hills book that was first published in 1907 was one of Mr. Wright’s best sellers and remains the 4th most widely read book in publishing history to this day. This book was Mr. Wright’s second publication and undeniably his most famous novel.

The setting in the rugged Ozark Mountains during the late 1800’s and the complicated lives of simple mountain folks are played in the beautiful tale of love, hate, and forgiveness through the Shepherd of the Hills novel. A great story with a moral value that is still relevant today as it was in the past. It was this famous book that made Branson, the popular tourist destination where people come to see where this great story took place.

If you love antiques, gun collection, original manuscripts, visit one of the famous Branson museums, the Harold Bell Wright Museum where you can see many displays of books and personal collections of the best selling author in the early 20th century.

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