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Dreaming of Becoming a Pilot?

Date: 2014-12-17 12:00:00 am

Dreaming of Becoming a Pilot?


If you had a dream of becoming a pilot or just want to experience a thrilling helicopter adventure, I-Pilot Helicopter Adventure is a great way to fulfill it and the chance to see the attractions around Branson from a bird’s eye view across the Ozark Mountains. The two-hour flight adventure will let you learn the fundamentals of flight, the controls of the Robinson helicopter, and everything you need to know about the control inputs of helicopter.  Before taking your first helicopter flight, you’ll go a thorough briefing with a certified helicopter instructor, put on your suit and then fly and experience I Pilot Helicopter Adventureyour own fascinating tour.

Your flight with the I-Pilot Helicopter Adventure includes multi-camera video recording of your iPilot flight that you can show off to all of your friends. In this flight adventure, you will receive a flight badge, I-Pilot exclusive T-Shirt, and official time-in-helicopter endorsement certificate. In this thrilling helicopter adventure, you will certainly enjoy ultimate fun with a breathtaking and exhilarating experience high above the Ozarks giving you the chance to see great view of Branson attractions that will stick with you for a lifetime. If you intend to prolong your helicopter flight, Chopper Charter can help you obtain a private helicopter license with their approved flight school.

The incredible experience you will enjoy and the amazing views you will see from above will provide you a memorable trip that you will remember all your life. Before taking the flight, you will first be guided with an entertaining, informative, and educational approach to your first helicopter flight with your personal flight instructor. Please take note that this helicopter tour requires at least two passengers to depart. If you alone take the flight, you can be paired with another party for your helicopter tour, but this can be arranged on a standby basis.

In this I-Pilot Helicopter Adventure, you can fly anywhere else you want to go in Missouri, Arkansas, and even as far as Oklahoma. At the start of this exciting helicopter tour, you will see the amazing Ozark mountains, Powersite Dam, Table Rock Lake Dam, the beautiful Silver Dollar City, and the picturesque Branson Landing near the waterfront of Lake Taneycomo.  All this can be enjoyed from the wide-open view of a Robinson helicopter.

On your actual flight, the pilot will turn controls of the helicopter to you and let you fly the helicopter on your own during the tour. After you have actually controlled the helicopter flight, you will be given a certificate of completion to confirm you have taken control of the flight while touring the Ozarks from high above. This I-Pilot Helicopter Adventure gives you a unique flight adventure combined with a fascinating sightseeing experience to a new level.

For those who had a dream of becoming a pilot or just want to experience a thrilling helicopter flight, I-Pilot Helicopter Adventure is a great way to fulfill that dream and get the chance to see Branson attractions from above the sky.

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