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Driving on a Hi-Rise

Date: 2015-08-16 12:00:00 am

Driving on a Hi-Rise


heavy metal hi riseThe Track Family Fun Park in Branson is a unique attraction where you can enjoy many thrilling rides that offer wholesome fun and excitement for young and old. At the park, it’s great to enjoy with the ultimate ride in go-kart thrills on the Heavy Metal Hi-Rise, Classic Go-Karts, Kiddie Go-Karts and much more. Aside from all these thrilling rides, there are other great rides that can give you more fun such as the incredible Skycoaster, bumper cars, bumper boats, and many other breathtaking rides.

When you drive on a Heavy Metal Hi-Rise at the Track Family Fun Park you are sure to experience an exhilarating and heart-pumping ride of your life. At the park you can also enjoy a fascinating swinging adventure with the Skycoaster that you can fly along with two friends at a speed of 70 mph. Inside the fun park, there is always a perfect ride to choose for everyone. With 14 different go-kart rides at the park, there’s no reason that you can’t choose a perfect one that suits your needs.

The Heavy Metal Hi-Rise is one of the most popular ride attractions at the Track Family Fun Park. This hi-rise ride that travels on a steel and concrete go-kart track reaches over four stories high at Track 4 in the fun park.  This go-kart track has a length of 1,200 feet and comprises 200 tons of steel and 700 cubic yards of concrete. This thrilling ride with Heavy Metal Hi-Rise will let you experience a twisting, spiraling, elevating, and turning with more fun on the concrete track. After you have completed a spiral ride up to four stories high, you will go down with a thrilling slope back to the ground.

Another thrilling ride sensation at the fun park is the classic go-karts ride that offers family-style go-kart ride in a concrete surface. The design of the track for the classic go-karts is unique and the go-kart models vary in every track location. The fun park also offers kiddie go-karts ride. As the kids are right behind the wheel, they can choose the direction they want. Kiddie go-karts has a speed that is perfect for 4-year-olds driving in a climate controlled environment. This is a great photo opportunity for parents who watch their kids maneuvering by themselves.

At the Track Family Fun Park in Branson, you can enjoy the fun with no admission charge at all track locations. This means that you can watch for free while your kids are having fun. At the fun park, everybody can act like a kid, so parents can also join the fun with their kids. If you feel hungry while enjoying the fun, you can grab some gourmet pizzas or sandwiches as well as award-winning buffet that features pasta and fresh salad at Pizza World at Track 4.

So, if you want to experience an ultimate fun ride with the Heavy Metal Hi-Rise, Classic Go-Karts, Kiddie Go-Karts, and many other thrilling rides, visit The Track Family Fun Park in Branson.

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