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Enjoy the Chinese Buffet!

Date: 2014-10-23 12:00:00 am

Enjoy the Chinese Buffet!


Hibachi GrillEstablished in 2000, Hibachi Grill is one the largest Branson restaurants that offers great Chinese cuisines. Beautifully located in W State Highway 76, Hibachi Grill restaurant offers eat all you can buffet that includes Chinese, Italian, American, Mongolian BBQ, sushi, and more. Great Wall Chinese Super Buffet was the former name of Hibachi Grill and now it is changed to Hibachi Grill & Super Buffet. This beautiful buffet restaurant in Branson offers the best Chinese foods, the best service in town, and great price too.

This great Branson restaurant features four different hot food buffet aisles, and one cold one. Hibachi Grill has plenty of tables and booths, plenty of parking spaces outside, and of course a pleasant service with its diligent staff. This Chinese restaurant has a great variety of amazing foods to choose from including sushi rolls, miso soup, Chinese dishes, Western foods, shrimp and mussels, salads, fruit desserts, and soft-serve ice cream. Because of its wide selection of food choices, great atmosphere, and excellent service, every family with kids will always find the place a great place to dine.

Hibachi Grill Super Buffet features a nice sushi bar and a grill. The restaurant offers a huge variety of Chinese foods and the Mongolian Grill which they cook fresh for you. Don’t forget to try the won ton soup in this Chinese restaurant that tastes so good, as well as boiled shrimp, sushi, and other fish dishes. All the food, the Mongolian style cooking station, the big dessert bar, the fresh sushi and the soup bar are some great features of Hibachi Grill that make guests think to come back again.

Near the Hibachi Grill Super Buffet restaurant, you will also find the Panda House, also a buffet restaurant that offer Chinese Buffet. This can be called a great little Chinese restaurant which is extremely clean with a wonderful service. The food served here is way above average with nice variety and the buffet stocks are kept hot at all times. The place features a refreshing atmosphere in a tourist environment. In this Chinese restaurant, you can expect a tasty, hot, and fresh foods at reasonable price. The buffet service always refills whenever something got slightly slow, the salad bar has a variety of options and the desserts too are great.

At Panda House, you can try lemon chicken combo meal and the crab Rangoon and rice with extraordinary value. The best in the restaurant is the entrée, lemon chicken. This alone is fantastic with big white chunks of chicken dredged in a thick, sweet, and very lemony sauce. With this menu, you can opt for a vegetable lo mein. If you shun Chinese buffet before, and you try the first time now, you may insist on takeout and you may think of dining again in a Chinese buffet.

If you want to experience in an eat all you can Chinese Buffet that include Mongolian BBQ, sushi, and more, dine it at the Hibachi Grill & Super Buffet in Branson.


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