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Enjoy the Scenic View of the Ozarks in More Awesome Way!

Date: 2014-12-04 12:00:00 am

Enjoy the Scenic View of the Ozarks in More Awesome Way!


In 1993, Thunderation was acquired by Silver Dollar City as its new roller coaster. This train coaster was designed by Arrow Dynamics and manufactured by Intermountain Lift, Inc. Arrow Dynamics developed many world record breaking roller coasters. This roller coaster developer was responsible for the success of the biggest roller coasters in its time like Magnum XL-200 at Cedar Point and Great Thunderation American Scream Machine at Six Flags Great Adventure.

Silver Dollar City’s Thunderation uses the terrain of the land for its thrilling coaster train ride. Each car of the Thunderation consists of three rows that sits two people across each row. The train has 6 cars that can accommodate 36 passengers. This 81-foot tall mine trail roller coaster moves with high speed passing the scenic view of the Ozarks. This roller coaster train begins its journey that is propelled by gravity until the cars reach the lift. The coaster is then lifted 121 feet into the air before dropping it 81 feet at a speed of 48 mph.

The Thunderation coaster train is located at the top of a hill so when the roller coaster begins, the second train leaves the station. The passage of the mine train coaster features a rugged terrain layout through wooded areas that leads to a helix that descends into a tunnel. Thunderation is one of the largest and fastest mine coasters that covers 3,000-foot-long course. This train coaster makes use of Silver Dollar City’s slopping terrain, and offer unique seating in some cars that faced forward while others face backwards. Since 2011, all cars now face forward.

This mine train coaster ride is packed with more fun than you expect. On this coaster train ride, you can actually see trees so close to the coaster that greatly intensifies the speed of the coaster. The ride starts with a twisting drop out of the station to the right. Then goes into the spiraling helix. The helix becomes tighter as the train roars into a tunnel at the end. Out of the tunnel, the train takes a large sweeping turn into the valley that seems like flying. The ride then stops and prepare for the lift towards the end of the ride.

Silver Dollar City is awesome and definitely one of the best parks ever visited by thrill seeking roller coaster riders. With its really good reputation for thrilling coaster rides, everybody will be blown away by its sheer awesomeness of everything the park has to offer. The park not only has the best atmosphere of any theme park, there is simply so much fun to do. The parks roller coaster collection is incredible and flat rides are plentiful. You can just wander around Silver Dollar City and munch on just about anything served at the park and have a great time.

So, if you want to enjoy the scenic view of the Ozarks in a more exciting way of riding a roller coaster train, visit the Silver Dollar City’s Thunderation in Branson.


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