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Feel the Wild, Wild West!

Date: 2014-09-18 12:00:00 am

Feel the Wild, Wild West!


Crooked Sky Trading PostCrooked Sky Trading Post is one of Branson shopping spots which is specializing in customer leather holsters and rigs, guitar straps, belts as well as Native American style handmade beaded belts and bags. Some of the best leather crafts in Crooked Sky Trading Post are made by Rattlesnake Eddie and the Native American Home décor and jewelries are made by his wife, Debbie. Located in Branson Mill Craft Village, this unique Branson shopping place carries a vast line of unique Southwestern leather crafts and vintage turquoise jewelries.

Rattlesnake Eddie has been doing custom leather crafts since early 70’s. Crooked Sky Trading Post employ talented craftsmen to create custom pieces of leather products. These craftsmen make many different types of unique leather goods and some authentic Native American made items at the Crooked Sky Trading Post. Here, you can find ‘Old West’ style toys for the kids, Southwestern and Native American home décor, pioneer period clothing ideal for reenactments, handmade copper jewelries, and many other leather products. While you’re here, when you present your coupon, you get a free hand carved soap stone trinket box or hand carved soap stone animal after a purchase of $25.

Top feature items at Crooked Sky Trading Post are custom designed such as hand beaded belts and hand beaded guitar straps. Many of the entertainers in Branson wear hand beaded guitar straps they have purchased from Crooked Sky Trading Post. Rattlesnake Eddie and wife Debbie Wood have passion for Native American Heritage, so they have included in their store many Native American products such as peace pipes, bow quiver and arrows, dream catchers, turtle bags, leather mandalas, rugs, hand beaded bags and moccasins, and many more.

Keeping with the Native American heritage, the Woods feature a wide selection of vintage turquoise jewelry pieces from 1920s thru the late 1970s. These are one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces signed by the artists that include bracelets, rings, necklaces, earrings, pins, and unique squash blossom necklaces. The talents the Woods learned from their 37 years in business, have greatly contributed to perfecting their products they are selling. The Woods’ background in leatherwork started back in the 70s during Eddie’s rodeo days when he rode bulls professionally at rodeos all over the country. With traces of Native American tradition in their backgrounds, they were able to create leather crafts that can be handed to the next generations.

This unique Branson shopping spot is a must see shop on your next trip when you when you are looking for a piece of custom designed and handmade products. The products here can be designed and made with what’s in mind of the customer, hoping them to enjoy the products as much as the fun of making them. Inside the Crooked Sky Trading Post, you might get the chance to see Rattlesnake Eddie while you are observing his talented craftsmen at work.

If you will be in Branson anytime soon, visit Crooked Sky Trading Post at Branson Mill Craft Village and see a wide selection of amazing leather crafts made by Rattlesnake Eddie and jewelries made by his Wife, Debbie.


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