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Fly Over the Table Rock Lake

Date: 2015-08-09 05:00:00 am

Fly Over the Table Rock Lake


American Parasail.jpgParasailing is a great outdoor adventure at the State Park Marina that will let you fly and hover above the beauty of the Table Rock Lake. Located in Hwy 165 State Park Marina in Branson, American Parasail offers flyers a custom parasailing boat equipped with the safest and the newest technology including a Coast Guard licensed 400' line. This thrilling outdoor adventure features hourly flights of 8 to 10 minutes departing State Park Marina at Table Rock Lake. The launching of American Parasail can also be arranged from other Table Rock Lake locations. You may only take off and land in the boat so you don’t have to get wet.

Parasailing offers an exciting flight through the air like a bird in flight as you hover above the beautiful Table Rock Lake. This unique outdoor adventure requires no special skills. Once you are ready to soar through the air, you will be strapped in a harness that is attached to a parachute, and then pulled into the air by a boat that will allow you to slowly ascend up high in the air. As you take the flight, you can just relax and enjoy the view, and see a spectacular view of the beautiful natural scenery around the lake.

The exciting water sport of parasailing is certainly not for the faint of heart, but yet it is becoming more popular around the lakes in the Ozarks. During the warm seasons, it’s common for Branson visitors to see colorful parasails floating across the skies above the lake while being pulled by powerful ski boats. Screams that are heard over the pristine waters of the lake are not always coming from excited fisherman having angled out a large bass but rather from a panicked neophyte parasailor on the rise.

If you are not afraid of heights and brave enough to fly with this thrilling outdoor adventure, hold on tight and get ready to be strapped in a harness. As you soar above the sky, you can see something that you haven’t experienced before of a beautiful day, a beautiful lake, and a beautiful sky. You will surely love the blowing of the refreshing wind in your face as you float up in the air. Although you can bring your own camera – it’s always best to depend on the pictures taken by the staff where you can buy the whole sd card full of pics of your flight and a video that you can bring home.

On your visit to Branson this season, try to experience this thrilling outdoor adventure with the American Parasail at the State Park Marina in Table Rock Lake.  With a highly qualified captain in charge and with a vast experience, he will have you equipped with the newest and safest technology. This parasailing water sports adventure can accommodate six flyers per trip.

This thrilling outdoor adventure with American Parasail that hovers above Table Rock Lake will give you a remarkable memories you will never forget.

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