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Fun Segway Party with Your Friends and Family

Date: 2015-05-30 12:00:00 am

Fun Segway Party with Your Friends and Family


Segway Fun Segway Party provides an ultimate fun in outdoors with the excitement of riding an amazing Segway personal transporter at the Branson Segway and Adventure Center. The center made it easy and safe for family and friends who want to come and play in their free-roaming track. Branson Segway and Adventure Park features the world’s only free-roaming park with paved tracks that has an area of approximately 2 acres. If you want to experience the excitement of riding the Segway, come see and try for yourself this entertaining ride.

Segway personal transporter is a motorized two-wheeler scooter that lets riders drive with a self-balancing ride to stand in upright position. Riders can drive the Segway to the right or left using a thin handle bar that is attached to a pole. In Branson, there is no other ride that is more unique than Segway. Whether you are planning for a wonderful spring vacation in Branson, a get-together party, a family reunion, or birthday party, a thrilling Segway ride experience gives you more fun.

Riding with the Segway personal transporter offers three options of Level 1, 2 and 3. Level 1 offers “test drive’’ package with a travel duration of only 7 minutes. This ride is ideal for those interested in experiencing an exciting ride with the Segway for a short time. The Level 2 is a “joy ride” package and is 15 minutes long ride which is ideal for folks who want more time with the Segway. Level 3 is “can’t get enough’’ package ideal for those who want more time as much as possible. Segway ride offers everyone an exciting experience and fun in outdoors with a free-roaming adventure in a paved track. This fun ride with the Segway offers everyone a fascinating and thrilling ride for young and old.

Riding Segway personal transporter provides a safe and easy ride for family and friends who come to play at Branson Segway and Adventure Center. Every Segway rider in a paved track loves the freedom and sensation of this thrilling ride activity. This amazing ride in a paved track is great for kids and adults alike. However, Segway ride accepts only a minimum weight of 100 lbs. and a maximum of 275 lbs. Segway ride offers ultimate fun in outdoors because riders enjoy the company of family and friends while experiencing a fun activity. There are many places in Branson featuring must-see attractions but many of it is not as exciting as the ride adventure with Segway personal transporter.

When you are ready to ride Segway, you will be taught by a trained staff in the facility how to ride safely. You will be taught how to self-balance with Segway. You will also be accompanied in the track to make sure you feel comfortable and confident before letting you roam around the paved track.

If you want to have fun in outdoors for an exciting ride in a self-balancing motorized Segway personal transporter, visit Branson Segway and Adventure Center.

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