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Get the Real Thrill at the Skycoaster!

Date: 2014-07-01 12:00:00 am

Get the Real Thrill at the Skycoaster!


The Track Family Fun Parks offer 14 different go-kart tracks with family-style go-kart racing for visitors of all ages. So, why not try to add them to your list of must-do exciting attractions in Branson. The Track Family Fun Parks feature many unique and high-rise kart tracks. Experience a thrill ride with Skycoaster, a spiraling and twisting ride on the new 4-story, Heavy Metal High Rise, two wooden tracks (Wild Woody & The Lumberjack), Road Course Track, and a Classic Go-Karts.

Skycoaster is a 100-foot-tall swing that combines the elements of hang-gliding and skydiving. Once you are harnessed, you will be pulled up 100 feet in the air – and a chance to see the best panoramic views in town. The thrilling flight can be experienced up to three people at a time. It’s really a rush flight whenever you hear “3 2 1 FLY” from below as you start your 70 mph swinging adventure. Height requirement for this Skycoaster swing ride is 42” and up.

Heavy Metal High Rise is a new steel and concrete go-kart track that reaches over four stories. This thrilling go-kart track has a length of 1,200 linear feet long, 200 tons of steel, and 700 cubic yards of concrete. After reaching a four-story spiral, you will be thrilled when it speeds down in slope back to the ground. Height requirement for drivers is 58” and up and 36” to under 58” for passengers.

Wild Woody is a wooden roller coaster that you don’t want to miss to ride. At four stories high, it has the characteristic of a go-kart racing that goes ups and downs, turns, and twists that gives every rider a great view of the natural beauty of the wildlife. Wild Woody was built in 2002 and has a length of 1,440 feet. This wooden coaster features 1 full spiral, 2 mini spirals, and a blind peak. Height requirement of driver is 58” and up and 36” and under 58” for passengers.

The Lumberjack thrill ride was converted from a mini golf course which was the original wooden high-rise go-kart track in Branson. At three stories and with two huge spirals of fun, it is still the favorite of many go-kart enthusiasts today. This coaster features 2 full spirals, a blind peak, and a logging theme around the tack. Height requirement of driver is 58” and up and 36” and below 58” for passengers.

Road Course Track has a tighter and higher banked curves and offers more elevation changes than traditional concrete track. With a longer track design, the track can handle more go-karts than classic track. Road Course Track features concrete track and elevation changes throughout the ride. Classic Go-Karts offer traditional family-style go-kart racing on a concrete riding surface. The design of the track is unique and go-kart models vary at different locations. Classic Go-Karts feature concrete tracks and classic go-karting excitement.

If you want to experience a real thrilling ride with the Skycoaster at 70 mph swinging adventure, visit The Track Family Fun Parks in Branson.


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