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Go Back in Time with ‘57 Heaven

Date: 2015-01-09 12:00:00 am

Go Back in Time with ‘57 Heaven


The ’57 Heaven Car Museum at Dick Clark’s American Bandstand Theater is one of Branson attractions that features the world’s largest car museum. ’57 Heaven features the finest collection of flawless, exquisite 1957 automobiles and memorabilia. Get ready to step back in time as you enter this awesome place with great display of priceless autos. The museum features a drive-in movie, fire station, gas station, barber shop, Cadillac dealership and more. The great display of the finest collection of exquisite cars will let you step back in time to the year 1957.

The old automobiles on display at the museum represent every major American manufacturer in the year 1957, including Buick, Ford, Chevrolet, DeSoto, Nash, Hudson, Packard, and Studebaker. The museum features interactive exhibit that is filled with authentic memorabilia from the 1950s. Inside the museum, you can reminisce the golden days of rock ‘n roll, three-cent stamps, pink toasters, and 24-cent gallon of gas. In this recreation of an ideal American town, you can see these authentic  automobiles that are still in their glory.

‘57 HeavenIf you have heard that gas in 1957 worth 24 cents a gallon and stamps were 3 cents each, you will love to visit ’57 Heaven old car attractions in Branson. Even if this happened before your time, you still consider this huge collection of classic cars from the year 1957 and memorabilia really cool.

The ’57 Heaven old automobile attractions on the ground floor of the Dick Clark American Bandstand Theater features a showroom which is a perfect example of every convertible car built in the US in 1957. The showroom also included wide assortment of ’57 hardtops, pickups and wagons – these are all 66 cars and trucks, a bestiary of iron and chrome during the time when American car giants ruled the road.

An auction that was held at the ’57 Heaven Museum had a list of the highest sale bid of Dual Ghia convertible on a Dodge chassis with 315cid Red Ram hemi engine for $300,000. The dark red Cadillac Series 62 Deville convertible sold the second highest bid at $245,000. One Chevrolet El Morocco hardtop conversion was sold for $135,000 while its convertible fraternal twin brought $230,000. And who’d have thought that a fire station exhibit with a fully equipped 1957 Mac fire truck sold for $37,500?

57 Heaven Car Museum has large display of convertibles that made up half of the 70 vehicles that have been exhibited for the last four years in Branson. The museum owner, Glenn Patch had set out to collect and restore every convertible model for the year 1957. This only not meant for Buick but other convertible as well like Special, Century, Super and Roadmaster, and so forth. After its accomplishment, Glenn Patch continued to add hardtops and station wagons, and a pickup of every make.

If you want to see the finest collection of exquisite 1957 automobiles and memorabilia, visit the ’57 Heaven Car Museum at Dick Clark’s American Bandstand Theater in Branson.

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