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Have A Night Full of Entertainment at the Moon River Theater

Date: 2014-06-19 12:00:00 am


Have A Night Full of Entertainment at the Moon River Theater

Moon River Theater is just one of the fantastic theaters in Branson that offers a truly unique theater experience. Andy William’s Moon River Theater is visited by thousands of people to watch great live entertainment show. Some theaters in Branson such as Clay Cooper Theater and Hamner-Barber Theater are as famous and memorable as Moon River Theater. Andy Williams who was idolized the world over had a legendary career in the music industry. He is loved by many people who enjoy watching him performs some of his favorite hits in the theater that bears his name.

Andy Williams started his music career at the age of eight in a small town in Iowa. The Williams Brothers Quartet was formed together with his three brothers. They soon became famous when their songs were played in radio stations all over the nation. The quartet did their first professional recording in 1944. After a short while, Andy moved to New York to continue his music career. He then began scoring top 10 hits and his career continued to rise and he eventually moved to television and made many live performances.

In 1992, Andy Williams opened a 12 million dollar theater in Branson where he had come to know the place through his friend Ray Stevens. So, the Moon River Theater was built and Andy Williams started to perform continuously in his own theater until 2011. This was this time that he bowed out of show business due to cancer diagnosis. On September 2012, he passed away but his legendary contribution in the music industry lives on at the Moon River Theater.

The Andy William’s Moon River Theater was beautifully built as a musical bastion in the world famous entertainment district in Branson. The theater covers an area of 16 acres in a beautiful landscape including rock formations, waterfalls, and a fascinating cascading stream. Moon River Theater won a Conservation Award in 1992 for Developed Land Use from the state of Missouri. Inside the theater, guests can’t help to appreciate an array of displays of pieces of art from the personal collections of Andy Williams.

Aside from Andy Williams’ performances on the Moon River Stage, there were dozens of famous performers who have titillated crowds such as Randy Travis, Clint Black, and Lee Greenwood. Daniel O’Donnel, the Irish singing sensation is one of the world famous singers who performed at the Moon River Theater. The wonderful show of Daniel was filled with Irish ballads, gospel hits, folk songs, and country favorites. Another popular show in the Moon River Theater is The Andy Williams Christmas Show. This is by far the most spectacular holiday show in Branson where it features the Osmonds and the Lennon Sisters. This Christmas Show is great for the whole family to enjoy wonderful performances, amazing magic acts, and a full orchestra accompaniment.

Andy William’s Moon River Theater is one of the most popular theaters in Branson with rich musical history and great performers that you wouldn’t miss to visit this full season.


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