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Have Fun Playing with the Wind!

Date: 2015-04-22 12:00:00 am

Have Fun Playing with the Wind!


Flying kites The Ozark region is home to beautiful parks, gardens, and nature trails which can be perfect for kite flying activity. Kite flying activities take many forms, from building and decorating a kite to flying it. Kite flying in nature parks and trails offers a thrilling and entertaining activity for kids and adults where they find it exciting when their kites soar up high in the sky. When spring is in full bloom in the Ozarks, hundreds of nature activities will also start to emerge as this is the best time to have fun with great outdoors.

Spring time will be an exciting season for kite enthusiasts as the 24th Annual Eureka Springs Kite Fest will be held on March 22nd at the Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge in Arkansas. That’s right, the annual celebration of this fantastic event is right on schedule – and Arkansas won’t be experiencing a perfect spring season without it. To enjoy utmost fun flying with your kite with the wind, head on to Eureka Spring Kite Festival this March.

This ‘’Art With An Altitude’’ Kite Fest is an exciting celebration of everything about colorful kites flying in variance of sizes and styles. Each participant to this Kite Fest is encouraged to bring own kites, or buy kite making kits at the festival for $2 if you want to make your own kite and enjoy the fun of kite flying. If you are not flying a kite, you can simply sit back and watch the wide array of kites as they soar high above the sky on a relaxing spring breezes. For sure, you will be seeing plenty of the fun-of-the-mill kites.

This Kite Fest at the Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge features colorful kites of all sizes and shapes that include box kites, experimental kites, fighting kites, kites shaped like animals, professional kites, kites shaped like things, kites worth thousands of dollars, kites that are works of art, and of course a kite hand-made by you. The sponsor of the Eureka Springs Kite Fest is Kaleidokites, their kite making experts will be on the site not only to show you various flying techniques but also teach you how to make your own kites.

The festival features vendors, contests, and activities for people of all ages. Also featured in the festival is a performance by local band The Skillet Lickers that takes place from 1 to 4 p.m. Admission is free for kite flying activity, however, there is an admission fee to tour the Turpentine Creek Wild Refuge.

This kite festival is one of the Wildlife Refuge’s most significant events each year as it provides an important fund-raising campaign. Proceeds from this kite festival event go towards rescuing large animals and the continuous care for over 135 tigers, cougars, lions, and other wildlife animals that make the Refuge their life-long home.

Flying kites is an exciting sports activity on a windy day where kids can get away from sedentary activities like computer games, video games, and TV viewing activities.

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