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Have Fun Riding a Segway!

Date: 2014-08-23 12:00:00 am

Have Fun Riding a Segway!


Branson Segway & Adventure CenterBranson Segway and Adventure Center was established in spring 2013 with the purpose of introducing a safe and fun rides on Segway personal transporters to visitors coming to Branson. This new Branson attraction is conveniently located one block south of Branson’s famous W 76 Country Blvd in Hwy 165 on South Gretna. Segway is a free-roaming adventure where you will experience a unique fun ride in a paved track. This amazing Branson attraction offers everyone a fascinating and exciting ride for young and old. Riding Segway PT is easy and safe for family and friends who come to play at the free-roaming paved track in Branson.

This Segway Personal Transporter is a self-balancing motorized two-wheeler scooter that uses gyroscopes to remain upright which is controlled by the rider. Riders can lean backwards, forwards and to the right and left using a thin handle bar attached to a pole. The facility allows all visitors to enjoy the utmost experience of Segway fun ride. There is no amusement place more unique to have your next getaway or family gathering than with Branson Segway and Adventure Center. The center wants to help create great memories for your family meeting or any family celebration. Whether you plan for a family reunion, get-together party, or birthday party, groups love the excitement and thrill of the Segway experience.  

The two acres of paved tracks of Branson Segway and Adventure Center is perhaps the only free-roaming Segway Park in the world. Every Segway rider in the paved track of the Center loves the freedom and sensation that Segway offers. Enjoy the best time of your life with amazing ride in a paved track. Segway ride is great for kids of all ages. However, there is weight restriction of a minimum weight of 100 lbs. and a maximum of 275 lbs.

The Center offers three different levels of ride and amount of times. Level 1 has a time duration of 7 minutes, 15 minutes duration for Level 2, and 20 minutes for Level 3. Segway ride is a great Branson attraction because family and friends enjoy each others company while experiencing great fun and entertainment. In Branson there are many great places offering exciting attractions but many of it is not as fascinating as the new Branson attraction of riding with Segway Personal Transporter.

The trained staff of the facility will teach everyone how to be safe in riding Segway personal transporter. Everyone will be taught how to ride self-balancing with Segway PT in no time. Each Rider will be accompanied in the track to make sure they feel confident and comfortable before letting them roam in the paved track.  The Center provides list of things that you need to take the Segway adventure ride. The things that you need are protective helmet, pro instructions, sunglasses (optional), and the desire to learn the adventure ride.

If you want to experience an exciting adventure ride of your life of a self-balancing motorized Segway personal transporter, visit the Segway and Adventure Center in Branson.


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