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Have Fun and Meet New Friends!

Date: 2015-03-27 12:00:00 am

Have Fun and Meet New Friends!


Silver Dollar City theme park Silver Dollar City is one of the most popular vacation spots in the Midwest that offers visitors 40 entertaining shows and 60 outlet shops and restaurants that make the place a favorite destination during spring break. Exciting attractions, live entertainments, and ultimate thrilling rides are what people of all ages want to enjoy during spring break vacation. If you spend a wonderful spring vacation with your family at Silver Dollar City, you will surely meet new friends while enjoying non-stop of exciting activities and entertaining attractions.

Silver Dollar City offers visitors lots of exciting and fun things to enjoy from mid-March to end of December. Spring season is such a great time to spend a wonderful vacation in Branson where families can enjoy a relaxing and refreshing atmosphere with the beautiful lush greenery and the fresh blooms of flowers and plants. The 1880s-style theme park of Silver Dollar City boasts American Craftsmanship that features 100 craftsmen and women that include basket weavers, glassblowers, knife smiths, potters, blacksmiths, quilters, and many more. Your visit to the park gives you the chance to watch glassblowers at work turning a glass into a beautiful flower vase.

The park features live music entertainments and fine restaurants that serve delicious foods from home favorites to festival specialties. The ‘’Amusement Today’’ magazine rated Silver Dollar City as the best theme park food in the USA. The park features an array of fine restaurants that include Aunt Pollys specializing in fried chicken and popular catfish; The Ribhouse, known for its barbecue, baby back ribs, smoked chicken and smoked brisket; and Buckshot Annie’s Skillet Cookery which is famous for its harvest succotash.  

When you spend a spring vacation in Silver Dollar City, you will get the chance to watch world-class live entertainments and a variety of culinary delights that feature exotic dishes from around the world. Silver Dollar City is home to World-Fest where you can see wonderful displays of colorful cultures and global adventures from around the world. World-Fest is a global event of great entertainments where music and laughter are universal languages. Don’t miss to watch renown performances from Argentina, Ukraine, Spain, Ireland, Ecuador, the Pacific Islands, and more. At the World-Fest in Silver Dollar City, you can discover a world of multi cultures.

The World-Fest gives every visitor the opportunity to enjoy live shows performed by entertainers from around the world. In this event, you can watch the Chinese and Kenyan acrobats, Italian flag-throwers, the Irish and Canadian step-dancers, Trinidadian drummers, Russian circus performers, and many more. This celebration of world cultures at the Silver Dollar City gives wholesome fun to visitors where they can enjoy live entertainments and myriad shows.  This biggest international event in America presents new shows with aerialists and drummers from Argentina, fire-knife dancers from Samoa, Russian folk trio, and the Spettacolo Musicale from Italy.

A wonderful spring vacation in Branson can be more fun if you visit the Silver Dollar City theme park as it offers exciting attractions, thrilling rides, live entertainments, and delicious foods.

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