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Have a Feb-tastic Vacation and Watch The Amazing Pets in Branson

Date: 2015-01-05 12:00:00 am

Have a Feb-tastic Vacation and Watch The Amazing Pets in Branson


The Amazing Pets is one of the most popular morning shows in Branson that provides humorous and entertaining antics by some of the most amazing pets and owners that you’ll ever come across. This Amazing Pets Show features amazingly trained troupe of dogs and house cats, many of them rescued from shelters across America. Watching these skilled dogs and cats showing their tricks and acrobatics will surely capture your heart and delight the whole family.

Amazing PetsAside from the entertaining acts of these lovable household pets, you will also see beautiful exotic birds and other magical surprises. If you are animal lover and enjoy watching them do amazing tricks and gymnastics, The Amazing Pets Show should be on your list of Branson shows to visit this year. This Amazing Pets Show at Grand Country Music Hall will surely astound everyone as the amazing pets start to show their exciting acts and tricks. This great show of trained dogs and house cats will truly give a complete morning fun for the whole family. These amazing pets will certainly captivate your heart as they start to perform entertaining and amazing acts.

Grand Country’s Amazing Pets Show is a family friendly show in Branson that features more than 30 trained amazing animals that will perform for you many different feats, including riding on a bicycle and scooter, walking on two paws, and even putting on a doggie fashion show. Kids and adults who love pets will surely be delighted by the tricks and entertaining performances of these amazing animals. Most of the animals featured in the Amazing Pets Show at Grand Country Music Hall are trained by Valery Tsoraev, a Russian-born dog and cat trainer. Valery Tsoraev has performed all over the world with the Cole Bros. and appeared in the ‘’Big Fish’’ film in 2003.

In this Amazing Pets Show, you will get to see trained house cats perform a death-defying leaps like the one featured in “Big Fish’’ and a balancing act on high wires. A trained dog named Hercules performs magic tricks in the show. Big role in the show along with magic and comedy play allows interaction segments with the audience where kids get on stage and help pets perform some tricks. Aside from the amazing acts of trained dogs and cats, you will also see exotic birds and many other entertaining surprises that will give you more fun and excitement.

Also featured in the show is an act by a counting donkey and a pig performance. You will see cats hopping through hoops, dogs barking and riding silly bikes, cats meowing and flying. The fast-faced and energetic show performance keeps kids fully attentive to every segment that normally lasts 5 minutes. A wholesome fun to this fast-faced show gives every visitor a unique form of entertainment.

So, if you want to experience a fantastic vacation, visit the Amazing Pets Show at Grand Country Music Hall in Branson where you can see amazing pets in action performing tricks and acrobatic acts.

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