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Have a Fun and Educational Tour on the Dewey Short Visitor Center

Date: 2014-07-02 12:00:00 am

Have a Fun and Educational Tour on the Dewey Short Visitor Center

This autumn season, it is great to have fun and take an educational tour on the Dewey Short Visitor Center in Branson. If you visit the Dewey Short Visitor Center you will learn that the man-made Table Rock Lake was created during the damming of the White River in 1950s by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineer. Table Rock Lake was built to measure the floor control along the waterway. After the creation of Table Rock Lake, the Table Rock Dam was built and named after a large rock drifted a mile down the river from the dam site.  These two creations by man of dam and lake give visitors interesting facts and history that will be learnt upon your visit to the new Dewey Short Visitors Center.

Dewey Short Visitor Center showcases the Ozarks wildlife and interactive displays that give you larger-than-life story about the White River and the Table Rock Dam. The Visitor Center was named after Congressman Dewey Jackson Short has been elected for twelve terms in office. A republican congressman from Missouri’s 7th congressional district and a staunch supporter of the Table Rock Dam, Dewey Short became the biggest advocate to help get funds for the project. With Dewey Short’s effort, the construction of the dam was made possible in 1954 and completed in 1959. Visitors today to the Dewey Short Visitor Center can get the chance to learn the dam’s history and interesting story about Congressman Dewey Short’s vision.

The distinct and modern-style edifice of the Dewey Short Visitor Center is set up on the shores in the lake. When the center was opened in April 2012, it then became known as the “crown jewel” of Table Rock Lake. The Dewey Short Visitor Center features a rock garden with a wooden bridge, a walking path, and outdoor viewing deck. Inside the beautiful building, there is a theater where you can watch the film about the construction of the dam and a Discovery Shop that features unique gift items. The Discovery Shop also features one-of-a-kind items from local craftsmen and artists such as hand-made crafts, wood carvings, and Table Rock Lake themed souvenirs.

In the ground floor of the Dewey Short Visitor Center building, you will see displays on the wall about the history of the Table Rock Dam. Inside the Visitor Center, you will find a Native American artifact exhibits that will give you the chance to learn the history of the past lives of the Indians that lived in the area. If you love nature and wildlife, you will be fascinated inside the diorama room that showcases birds, fish, and other creatures at Table Rock Lake. At the viewing deck of the building, you can take pictures of the dam that will make your tour at the Dewey Shorts Visitors Center a wonderful and memorable one.  

If you want to experience a wonderful autumn vacation in the Ozarks with exciting educational tour, visit the Dewey Short Visitors Center at Table Rock Lake in Branson.


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