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Heavy Metal Racing

Date: 2014-10-21 12:00:00 am

Heavy Metal Racing


The Track Family Fun Park is one of unique Branson attractions that features many exciting rides for young and old. At the Fun Park, you can experience more fun with the ultimate ride in go-kart thrills on the Heavy Metal High Rise, Classic Go-Karts, Rookie Go-Karts, Kiddie Go-Karts and much much more. Aside from go-karts thrill rides, you can try other thrill rides such as bumper cars, the incredible Skycoaster (a 100-foot-tall super The Track Heavy Metal High Riseswing), bumper boat equipped with supersoakers, and many other thrilling rides at the park.

The Track Family Fun Park offers many fun-packed ride adventures that let you experience an exhilarating and heart-pumping ride of your life. The track features a swinging adventure that you can fly along with two friends at a speed of 70 mph.. Inside the park, there is always a perfect ride for everyone to choose that suits age and height of a rider. Start to choose a thrilling ride that can give you more fun and excitement. With 14 different go-kart tracks at the park, there’s no reason that you can’t experience a thrilling ride of your life.

Some popular Branson attractions at The Track Family Fun Park is the Heavy Metal High Rise. This High Rise ride is a steel and concrete go-kart track that reaches over four stories high at Track 4 in the park. This go-kart ride is 1,200 feet long and comprises 200 tons of steel and 700 cubic yards of concrete. Riding with Heavy Metal Rise will let you experience a spiraling, twisting, elevating, and turning with more fun on the concrete track. After completing a four-story spiral ride, it goes down with a thrilling three-tiered slope back to the ground.

Classic Go-Karts ride is a thrilling ride sensation in the park that offers family-style go-kart thrilling ride in a concrete surface. The design of the track is unique and the go-kart models vary in different track locations. Another go-kart thrilling ride at the park is the Kiddie Go-Karts. In this thrilling ride, kids are behind the wheel to make their own direction.  Kiddie Go-Karts provide a perfect size and speed even for 4-year-old kids driving in a controlled environment. Parents should get their camera out and watch their kids maneuvering by themselves.

When kids gain more experience riding the Kiddie Go-Karts and grow a little taller, they are ready to try out the Rookie-Go-Karts. As they are bigger and faster now, they can easily move with ease as the track designs have larger ovals. The Rookie-Go-Karts can help kids gain mastery and get more comfortable behind the wheel before moving up to the grown-up level tracks. Another thrilling and exhilarating ride at the track is the 100-foot tall super swing, The Skycoaster that combines elements of hang-gliding and skydiving. This Skycoaster ride can be experienced with three people at a time.

If you want to experience ultimate fun ride in go-kart thrills on Heavy Metal High Rise, Classic Go-Karts, Kiddie Go-Karts, Rookie-Go-Karts, and many other thrilling rides, visit The Track Family Fun Park in Branson.


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