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Jurassic Park Fan? Come and Visit Branson's Dinosaur Museum

Date: 2014-12-25 12:00:00 am

Jurassic Park Fan? Come and Visit Branson's Dinosaur Museum


Dinosaur MuseumBranson’s Dinosaur Museum is one of the most unique museums in Branson adventure for the whole family. Located at Highway 76 on the Strip next to Wal-Mart, this museum features evidence and facts of some of the most powerful animals that ever lived on earth. Come see the dinosaurs and other prehistoric animals that have been sculpted by artists to life-size. In this museum, you can see one of the world’s largest collections of prehistoric animals, ranging from Tyrannosaurus Rex (two-story-high dinosaur) to a tiny 12-inch tall Microraptor. The amazing recreations of dinosaurs will provide you plenty of fun and excitement.

Also feature in Branson’s Dinosaur Museum is a high-definition movie theater where educational films are shown. It also features interactive learning stations where kids enjoy activities like a dinosaur fossil dig and creative coloring. Other interesting exhibits inside the museum include flying reptiles, lizards, and replicas of skulls, bones, and skeletons of ancient prehistoric creatures.  Get the chance to come up close and personal look at the long-toothed predators of the past. These enormous monsters from the stone age have been successfully recreated by the best artists and sculptors who toiled long hours to bring them to life.

Every member of the family will surely enjoy with the wide variety of dinosaurs represented at Branson’s Dinosaur Museum. With all these exhibits from the smallest one foot long Microraptor to the largest T. Rex and many others, you will surely find your favorite here with its inspiring glory. Bring everyone along to this unique form of entertainment with educational experience about all the fantastic exhibits in the museum. You will also see a short informative film that brings these creatures to life. Many of the visitors to the museum felt like they have travelled back a couple of million years.

The main feature of the Dinosaur Museum is that it contains 50 full life-size dinosaurs. Each of the 50 dinosaurs is constructed from bones that come from the actual dinosaur bones. The body was built around the bones shows details to see the rib cage with each being as real life and as close to the actual size. The museum features LCD screens in each room with a narrated presentation explaining what can the dinosaurs do or not do. Another interactive feature in the museum is a ‘’Scavenger Hunt Quiz’’ which is a fun way to go through the museum to learn more about the dinosaurs and enhance the overall experience in the museum.

One of the highlights in the museum is the T-Rex which is considered king of the dinosaurs. When you walk around the museum, you will be impressed to see T-Rex towering above everything. If you are looking for the best background for picture taking, head to the lobby of the museum where T-Rex is wonderfully displayed.

The Dinosaur Museum is one of the most visited museums in Branson that features amazing exhibits of prehistoric dinosaurs that roamed the earth millions of years ago.

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