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Kart Chase on the Lumberjack Race Track!

Date: 2014-09-10 12:00:00 am

Kart Chase on the Lumberjack Race Track!


Lumberjack Race Track.jpgThe Track Family Fun Parks offer many exciting rides that include the newest Heavy Metal Rise and the two wooden tracks, The Lumberjack, and Wild Woody. At the track, you can enjoy classic go-karts which are ideal for all ages, bumper boats, bumper car, high-speed spring track, laser tag, the G-Force drag race similar, the 100-foot-tall skycoaster, mini golf, and arcades. The Heavy Metal Rise is a high-rise steel ride that features a spiraling, elevating, and twisting on the concrete track that reaches a height equivalent to 4 stories. The Wild Woody is also a high-rise ride on a wooden track that offers thrills on the hills with a twisting and turning ride.

The more exciting Lumberjack race track is the original wooden high-rise go-kart track in Branson that was converted from a mini golf course. At the height equivalent to three stories, this unique go-karting experience will take you to a new heights with two huge spirals of fun. Built in 2001 with an awesome length of 1,186 ft, it is still the favorite wooden track of many today. Lumberjack race track features a smooth wooden surface, 1 blind peak, 2 full spirals, and a logging theme around the track.

The Track Family Fun Parks feature 14 different go-kart tracks that give riders unlimited options to enjoy exciting and thrilling rides for every age level. The Fun Parks feature a new building at Track 4 close to the Heavy Metal High Rise go-kart track which covers an area of 4,300 square feet. This building houses a new ticketing office and state-of-the-art arcade. The Track 5 facility is home to four stations of batting cages that can throw four different speeds for both softball and baseball.

At the track, you can enjoy the fun with no admission charge at all track locations in Branson. Just pay for the ride you choose. This means that parents can watch for free while their kids are having fun. At the track, everybody can act like a kid, so parents always have the tendency to join the fun. If you get hungry while having fun, Pizza World is just right in front of Track 4. Grab some gourmet pizzas or sandwiches as well as award-winning buffet that features pasta, fresh salad, and pizza. If you yearn for sweets, Andy’s Frozen Custard also located in Track 4 will let you savor a richer, creamier, silkier or more flavorful ice cream or frozen yogurt.

The Family Fun Parks also offer Go-Card which is ideal for the entire family who want to enjoy extreme fun. The Go-Card is loaded with 160 credits that include a free G-force ride at Track 5, free on top sundae from Andy’s Frozen Custard, and free 1 trip Pizza World Buffet.

If you want to experience a thrilling ride of your life with the Heavy Metal Rise and on the two wooden tracks of Wild Woody and Lumberjack, visit the Track Family Fun Parks in Branson and enjoy more of go-kart thrill rides.


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