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Ladies’ Marathon

Date: 2015-05-15 12:00:00 am

Ladies’ Marathon


The Diva’s Half Marathon & 5K Series is a great outdoor fun to be held for the second time in Branson where some glamorous women and handsome hunks receive amazing medals. All of the half marathon finishers in this event will receive a blinged out medal with a spinning center gem that is ideal for a Diva. Amazing finisher medals also await 5K finishers. This outdoor fun event in Branson gives participants a chance to see spectacular views of the natural scenery of the Ozarks.

Diva’s Half Marathon This 2nd Annual Diva’s Half Marathon & 5K in Branson is one of the most glamorous running event for women in the nation. This event is all about gorgeous participants where you will be fascinated with tutus, tiaras, and amazing finisher medals. This race in Branson is held along with other locations in St. Augustine Beach, Florida; San Francisco Bay, California; DC’s Wine Country, Virginia; Long Island, New York; North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina; Galveston, Texas; Peachtree City, Georgia; and San Juan, Puerto Rico.  This glamorous event is for every wife, daughter, mother, sister and men who love to run.

This marathon event in Branson has some unique perks that make it different and truly makes you feel like a running DIVA. After registrations, all participants in half marathon and 5K will receive pink tutus that you can wear on race day. Half marathon finishers will receive awesome and shining diva medals that feature a spot of your own photo so you feel like a shining Diva and so with 5K finishers will receive their own special finisher medals. This exciting race is not just about running but the whole weekend experience. Weekend race in Branson area offers some amazing things to do. It will infuse some of its flair for a wonderful weekend with glamorous women or with the family where mom and daughters are stars of the event.     

To participate in this exciting event, feel like a princess, throw on a boa and tiara along the course and don’t forget to smile for the cameras when you cross the finish line. Make yourself unique that is more than just a pretty face with personalized bib. You should not come late to the party. In order to have your personalization included, you need to register a month before the event. After all the hard work you put into training for the race and finishing it, you now deserve some pampering.

Health & Fitness Boutique, Diva Lounge, Post Race Party are some of the features of this racing event in Branson. The event also host spa specials, yoga sessions, winery visits, and more. Each host city of the race has its own special flavor for a wonderful weekend race with georgeous women and handsome hunks.

Are you now ready to take on the Diva’s Half Marathon & 5K Series event in Branson? Whether you’re an experienced runner or this is your first experience with 5K, you have a big chance to cross the finish line in this exciting outdoor fun.

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