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Let’s Feed Our Baby Four-Legged Friends

Date: 2015-08-02 05:00:00 am

Let’s Feed Our Baby Four-Legged Friends


bottle feeding a baby camelPromised Land Zoo in Branson offers outdoor fun and exciting animal attractions throughout the year. Established as a family business in 1999, Promised Land Zoo began with just a few animals and it has grown to over 500 animals in a spacious facility of 120 acres. The zoo is home to hundreds of animals that represent 50 species from all over the world such as kangaroos, lemurs, large reptiles, tropical birds, deer, and many more. Local visitors and tourists alike can get the chance to bottle feed animals on daily schedules at 10 am, 2 pm, and 6 pm.

Visiting Branson’s Promised Land Zoo is not your typical zoo experience, you can get closer to these amazing creatures than you’ve ever been at traditional zoos. Inside the zoo, there’s a skilled team of animal trainers and professionals who are ready to help you interact with monkeys, kangaroos, big cats, zebras, camels, reptiles, and more. This great outdoor fun you can experience at Promised Land Zoo will allow you to discover rare, unique, and endangered animals from all over the world. Your admission to the zoo includes tours to Parakeet Paradise, Foot Safari, live animal shows, and bottle feedings.

On your tour, you can spot hyena; alligators and snakes; African cats like the serval, caracal, and lion cub; ring-tailed lemurs, and two-toed sloths. Zookeepers can help you to bottle-feed baby animals like goats, antelope, camels, or feed parakeets with a complimentary parakeet food stick. You can also enjoy exclusive encounters with the creatures for an additional fee by participating in playtime with sloths, baby kangaroos, lemurs, African serval, and other young animals. The zoo also features daily live animal show which is included in your admission ticket. Inside the zoo, you will find a fascinating gift shop where you can grab some great “zoovenirs’’.

This outdoor fun attraction of Promised Land Zoo in Branson was recently awarded accreditation by the Feline Conservation Federation, a distinguished acknowledgement of an outstanding zoo facility. This means that Promised Land Zoo have met high standards of animal care and protection of the animals and the visiting public. Spending a wonderful visit to Branson’s Promised Land Zoo will let you understand why the zoo has been acknowledged as an outstanding facility among other zoos in Branson. For the past two decades, this Branson zoo has been caring exotic creatures and sharing them to visitors from all walks of life.

Fabulous four-legged friends from around the globe are here in Branson to amaze enthusiastic animal lovers. Get up-close-and-personal with these exotic creatures and it’s sure to give you a remarkable and unforgettable moment of your life. Many of the cute and cuddly creatures are waiting to be discovered in this intimate zoo setting. See amusing colorful parrots that will give you some fun with their impressive language.

If you want to experience a unique outdoor fun adventure, visit the Promised Land Zoo in Branson where you can get-up-close and personal with the exotic creatures.

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