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Lights Here, Lights There, Lights Everywhere!

Date: 2014-10-15 05:00:00 am

Lights Here, Lights There, Lights Everywhere!


Christmas in Branson is something every visitor cannot forget especially when the Ozarks is filled with colorful lighting displays during this season. Christmas in Branson features a variety of exciting attractions, world-class live entertainments, and a holiday spirit that gives visitors a truly exciting holiday experience. This 2014 marks the 25th season of Christmas in the Ozarks that transforms the event into a holiday wonderland that features colorful bright lights, exciting attractions, a variety of live entertainment, and movie shows.

Lights EverywhereWhether you’re spending Christmas in Branson with your family together, or enjoying get-together with friends, you are about to experience a wonderful vacation designed to make you feel a unique Christmas celebration this holiday season. Your holiday vacation in the Ozark Mountain gives you the opportunity to see many star-studded live entertainments and show performances at more than 50 theaters. Discover the beautiful natural scenery and the wildlife of the Ozarks or explore the spectacular display of lights at Silver Dollar City.

Christmas in the Ozarks is a combination of events adding up to a spectacular Branson area with a wide celebration of holiday spirit with traditional American Christmas. From the heart of Branson to the most popular Silver Dollar City, Christmas in the Ozark Mountain is a world class event where everyone wants to experience and enjoy the spirit of the holiday season. With millions of dazzling lights displays and a five story Christmas Tree, Branson’s attractions and shows, and shopping opportunities are all part of the festivity of the Christmas season in the Ozarks. And this brings a unique holiday celebration not found elsewhere.

Christmas in Branson features two major lighting displays, the Shepherd of the Hills Trail of Lights and the Branson Area Festival of Lights. The Shepherd of the Hills Trail of Lights is a span of 2.5 miles that display millions of colored lights, hundreds of lighting displays, and holiday music. The ‘’Branson Area of Festival Lights’’ is a one mile stretch with more than 175 dazzling light displays. In the area, you can also see display of animated scenes most of which have been integrated into the beauty of the Shepherd of the Hills Homestead. A must visit in Branson is a ‘’Trip to Inspiration Tower’’ where you can ride a glass elevator up to highest point of the tower and you can get the chance to see the spectacular view of lights over Branson.

Some highlights of Christmas in Branson include the Polar Express operated by Branson Scenic Railways and the Titanic Christmas and Winter Celebration at the Titanic Museum that run from December 22 through December 31. The ‘’White Flight’’ at the Butterfly Palace and Rainforest runs through January 15. ‘’The Fantasy Princess’’ in the Titanic Museum is open Wednesday through Sunday and runs until December 31.

If you want to spend Christmas in the Ozarks that features major lighting displays of the Shepherd of the Hills Trail of Lights and the Branson Area Festival of Lights, come to Branson and experience a unique Christmas celebration.


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