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Look Back in Time at the Branson Centennial Museum

Date: 2015-02-03 12:00:00 am

Look Back in Time at the Branson Centennial Museum


Branson Centennial Museum is one of the most interesting museums that showcases the history and heritage of the Ozarks through stories, photos, and artifacts. The museum reminds the passion and love of the rich history and heritage of Branson town folks. The stories and legacies in the museum have preserved the history and heritage of the past generations. Located at Main Street and Veteran’s Boulevard, Branson Centennial Museum have marked the 100th birthday milestone on April 1, 2012.

The great celebration of the grand opening of Branson Centennial Museum in April 1, 2012, excitement reigned in Branson as the centennial celebration was enjoyed in every corner. During this unforgettable grand opening of Branson Centennial Museum, notables were welcomed, citizens and visitors that day heard snippets of speech, song, and later enjoyed in the afternoon of street musicians, Branson Centennial Museumwalking tours, and story tellers.

The celebration of Branson Centennial Museum started at 2 pm with mayor Raenne Presley and invited speakers that arrived at the entrance of the museum in horse drawn carriage. Ceremonies included the singing of National Anthem performed by local George Dyer. The local veterans performed a number that uplifted the celebration for the local citizens. Celebrity ventriloquist Jim Barber served as Emcee. Following the formal ceremonies, citizens were invited to sign a mock version of the petition, enjoyed comedy show and followed Dixieland band into the heart of Branson for more music, fun and festivities until 5 pm.

The museum offers rotating displays every six to 8 weeks that include ‘’Early Branson’’ prior to 1912 incorporation, the development of lakes including the White River, The Roots of Tourism (including traditional music, crafts, exciting attractions), and School Days that includes history of Branson Schools. The museum has also displays about the wars that covers three to four week exhibits around Veterans Day that include wars back to Civil War.

The museum also features mini-exhibits about railroads, bridges and roads, floods, resorts, Churches, the Branson Fire, Festivals, Unique Industry that include pencil factory, logging, mussels, tomato canneries, Restaurants and Foods, and The Adoration Parade Caves. The current exhibit at the museum has displays relating to early figures involved with the development of tourism in Branson such as Harold Bell Wright, Jim Owen, Lizzie McDaniel, the Baldknobbers, Presleys and many others.

Displays also include pictures and memorabilia and items from Branson’s early tourist activity involving live entertainment and nightclubbing. Future exhibits at Branson Centennial Museum will feature the decades of tourism and the amazing live entertainment shows, celebrities, and attractions that made Branson the Live Music Capital of the World.

Branson Centennial Museum truly offers visitors a unique glimpse of Branson’s past . It is also one of the museums in Branson that has many interesting things to see around including Dick’s 5 & 10, the grave of Ruben S. Branson where Branson is named after, the historic Owen Theater, riding the Free Downtown Trolley and much more. And that’s just a small part of the interesting attractions that Branson has to offer.

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