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Make an Occasion to Remember at the Stone Hill Winery

Date: 2014-07-24 12:00:00 am

Make an Occasion to Remember at the Stone Hill Winery


Stone Hill Winery is nestled in the town of Hermann in the hillsides of the Missouri River. Stone Hill was established in 1847 and grew to be the second largest winery in the United States. The wines produced in this world renowned winery won gold medals in eight world’s fairs, including Vienna in 1873 and Philadelphia in 1876. There were about 1,250,000 gallons of wine produced in the winery at the turn of the century. At the time of Prohibition in 1920, the winery was destroyed and the property were used to grow mushrooms.

In 1965, Jim and Betty Held bought the winery and restored the buildings and vaulted underground cellars which have been neglected for a long time after Prohibition. Stone Hill Winery is Missouri’s oldest and the most awarded winery. In 2011, Stone Hill was able to produce 260,000 gallons of wine using sophisticated equipment and modern technology.  

The finest wines produced by Stone Hill Winery have received international recognition, winning more than 3,700 awards since 1993 including seven Missouri Governor’s Cups since 1994. When the winery was named Missouri’s “Small Business of the Year” in 1982, it achieved national prominence and was featured in Nation’s Business Weekly in 1995 and on the Today Show in 1994. The winery’s national recognition continued in 2001 when it was featured on Discover America and The Early Show on CBS. The recognition was considered by the winery a success in producing and marketing the finest wines which put the Stone Hill Winery in Hermann on the map as a world-class wine-producing area.

Wedding at the Stone Hills WineryStone Hill Winery is listed on the National Register of Historic places and welcomes visitors of all ages with open arms. Visitors to the winery are ushered by tour guides through the ancient arched cellars, the modern production facility, wine-tasting room, and spacious gift shop. The winery is also a good place to hold wedding or private parties as it features a Vintage Restaurant specializing in modern international cuisine including German specialties which are usually paired with Stone Hill’s award-winning wines.

Stone Hill Winery has two other locations. The one in New Florence facility houses the company’s bottle-fermented sparkling wine production, where visitors may taste the wine and purchase in the gift shop. The winery in New Florence offers the traditional 18th-century French method of champagne making. During the tour, visitors can learn the secrets of Methode Champenoise.  The Branson facility has been receiving and entertaining visitors since 1986. Newcomers to Branson may find the winery as one of the town’s most popular attractions. The great location of the winery in Highway 165 and Green Mountain Drive entertains thousands of tourists daily. This winery facility in Branson also features a guided tour to the cream sherry and sparkling wine production, six tasting rooms, a video viewing room, and a large gift shop.

If you want to experience an exciting wine tour and the chance to learn about Missouri's most awarded winery, visit the Stone Hill Winery at any of the three locations in Hermann, New Florence, and Branson.


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