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Moonlight Madness at the Silver Dollar City

Date: 2015-07-04 12:00:00 am

Moonlight Madness at the Silver Dollar City


Silver Dollar City will be hosting Moonlight Madness on July 18 to August, 2015. Come and experience non-stop madness of fun of 12 hours with some 30 thrilling rides and exciting attractions. Plus entertainment shows, special events and sweet deals that make Moonlight Madness one-of-kind-a-kind summer bash. This exciting event at Silver Dollar City includes the high-powered country music show of Great American Country Nights in Echo Hollow throughout Moonlight Madness.

Moonlight MadnessRide into the night with extended ride time with great entertainment until 10 pm each evening. Your favorite songs will be played including The Chicken Dance, The Cotton-Eyed Joe, and The Electric Slide. There are street dances on the City’s Square and tons of special deals in selected shops and eateries. Every visitor to Silver Dollar City theme park has a chance to enjoy or participate in some events during the 16-day Moonlight Madness.

Many of the thrilling rides at the park will be running in the darkness of the night plus enticing deals on nighttime meals and back-to-school sales in select shops. This season, the park creates a unique fun way for all guests to end their summer. This is the first time that guests can enjoy thrilling rides as much as they can. In addition to the roller coasters including the Outlaw Run, the Giant Swing, all ten rides of The Grand Exposition, and water rides will also be open such as American Plunge and Lost River of the Ozarks.

Aside from all the rides and selected shops that you can enjoy each day at the park, you can also watch the Springfield’s Skinny Improv that will perform each evening at Moonlight Madness at Silver Dollar City. Families especially those with kids can play all day into the night with extended night hours to ride, play and dance. Try to experience an exhilarating ride that soars through the sky with the PowderKeg, roar into the night on Thunderation, or scream on WildFire. New this season at Silver Dollar City is the Science Madness with David Willey where you can see fire, explosions, and wild experiments.  Chris Perondi’s Stunt Dog experience is another great show to watch at the Red Gold Heritage Hall at Silver Dollar City.

During Moonlight Madness, kids can have the chance to meet cartoon characters such as Sponge Bob & Patrick, Tom & Jerry and The Backyardigans from Thursdays through Saturdays. The up-and-coming Northwest Arkansas country trio Edens Edge will perform on July 25 for a special Moonlight Madness concert with emcee Storme Warren of Great American Country’s entertainment news show, Headline Country. Silver Dollar City’s Street Dance tops off the day’s fun that starts at 9 pm each evening during the event. Food and merchandise special will be available at select shops and eateries that remain open until 10 pm.

The Moonlight Madness at the Silver Dollar City is one-of-a-kind summer event where you can experience non-stop madness of fun with some 30 thrilling rides, exciting attractions, and entertainment shows.

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