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Mosaic Made of Autumn Leaves

Date: 2015-09-21 12:00:00 am

Mosaic Made of Autumn Leaves


Autumn Leaves Mosaic Mosaic making with Autumn leaves have always been the most favorite activity for kids that use nature craft items during autumn season. Autumn is the favorite time of year for many kids because of its good weather, colorful leaves, the pumpkins, and many fun family things to do. Below are some of the few mosaic making fun activities of different and colorful autumn leaves for children to do.

There is a lot of fun if you go on a nature hunt during the autumn months. You can kick the leaves that have fallen to the ground or tread on them with a crackling sound and collect them for art and craft activities. Here you can find autumn animals such as squirrels and birds that can easily be spotted especially in woodland areas or around the parks. Pine cones, acorns, and conkers can be sometimes found in these areas. If you see some conkers you can make a hole through it and thread through some string and a knot at each end, to play conkers.

Folding and Cutting Paper is a nice nature fun activity that works best with leaves that are still pliable. These are leaves that fall off easily without having to be plucked. Larger leaves can be folded cross-wise and made as fall “rosebuds’’ by folding the top down to the stem and roll them gently. At the bottom, you can secure it with chenille stem or raffia (straw ribbon). The smaller leaves can be folded nicely lengthwise and cut to form hearts or other unique designs.

You can also make a stencil art with leaves of different shapes and sizes that are relatively flat and arrange them on a piece of paper of any color. This can be fixed in place by placing a small piece of tape on the back of each leaf. Sponge acrylic paint over the leaves, careful not to leak it under the leaves. The final images can be folded as note cards. This works well with spray paint for more skilled crafters.

Another fun activity to make with nature is painting medium which is more like a mosaic than paint.  You can take advantage of the different colors of autumn leaves to create a collage or add color to nature crafts. The more dry a leaf is, the easier to do this. To do this, you need to crumble different colored leaves over paper plates. Then paint flat river stones with the leaves by gluing it over the surface and secure them with a layer of decoupage glue. If these stones are not available, you make a disc out of polymer clay. Use a clay tool to draw a simple design in the stone or clay before baking. To make your art a little more stylish, add some petals from fall flowers.

Autumn season is a wonderful time for kids to go outdoors to hunt for some nature fun activities like making art with autumn leaves where they can discover more about the outside world.

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