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Movies and Pizza in a Log Cabin

Date: 2015-09-09 12:00:00 am

Movies and Pizza in a Log Cabin


Pizza WorldPizza World is a beautiful restaurant in Branson that offers delicious pizzas that you can take to your log cabin accommodation while at the same time enjoying great movies. This restaurant in Branson brings delightful taste of specialty pizzas that will surely satisfy even the most picky pizza eaters. A favorite pizza restaurant in Branson, Pizza World offers all-you-can-eat pizza buffet. Aside from the usual dine-in option, the restaurant also offers carry-out and even delivery. At Pizza World you will find their pizzas are deliciously prepared with fresh ingredients combined with superb service and the best you’ve ever had and their mouth-watering sandwiches are some of the best in the area.

The convenient location of Pizza World in the entertainment district in Branson, easily allows you to eat anytime you want as the place is very near to your log cabin accommodation. This pizza restaurant in Branson is a unique business venture that is combined with the exciting new concept of world class gourmet pizzas with fast and efficient service and the convenience of delivery service of its traditional and authentic pizza products. This great pizza restaurant in Branson offers a fine dining experience right in the store with the freshest ingredients, exceptional quality, and valuable delivery system.

The mission of Pizza World is to offer a high quality pizza products to its customers every time they place an order. Pizza World strives to be a proactive member in the community, whether it is the community around the area or a franchise store, they are parts of a strong and trusting relations that are the key ingredient to the success of the business. In this pizza restaurant, you’ll surely be happy to find a pizza buffet for lunch, and a diverse menu of delightful dishes.

Keeping up with the trends of serving pizza with the freshest ingredients, Pizza World is proud to announce new items on their menu. The newest pizza that will come anytime soon is a bacon chicken ranch. The pizza restaurant will also be introducing two new subs – a Salsiccia sub made with Pizza World’s Italian sausage and a chicken teriyaki made with marinated chicken in a spicy Thai sauce.

The convenient location of Pizza World near your log cabin accommodation at Thousand Hills is one of the reasons why many couples prefer to spend a romantic vacation in the area. As log cabin features a flat TV screen with HBO and a DVD player, this can be a wonderful place to stay as you always have the chance to watch popular TV programs and great DVD movies. Staying in a log cabin at Thousand Hills will let you experience a luxurious and comfortable way of living in a quiet environment away from the crowded city streets.

If you want to spend a wonderful vacation with your loved one or family, settle for a log cabin accommodation at Thousand Hills where you can enjoy great movies while at the same time enjoying delicious pizza from Pizza World.

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