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Name That Tree

Date: 2015-05-25 12:00:00 am

Name That Tree


The Ozark region in Missouri is comprised of hundreds of tall hardwood species that form part the mountains with bountiful shorter trees growing beneath. Visitors coming to this region will find it wonderful to experience a great outdoor adventure if they see spectacular views of different kinds of trees that produce beautiful fall foliage. Discovering many different kinds of trees is an interesting learning activity that will let you know more about the useful benefits of these trees in the Ozark mountains.

Angel Oak TreeThere are about 200 different tree species that grow in the Ozarks. The hawthorne is the largest with about 63 different kinds. The oak family has about 49 species, 23 species for hickory, 16 of maple, and 12 of basswood. Many of the common commercial timber species found in the Ozarks include oaks,  pines, gums, elm, hickory, sycamore, ash, beech, maple, cedar, and walnut. You can also find in the region different kinds of common trees like Mimosa, Red Cedar, Mulberry , American Persimmon, Catalpa, and many more.

If you are starting your outdoor adventure through the Ozarks in mid-summer, you can easily notice Mimosa tree on the roadside. Mimosa tree is one of the most attention-getting trees of all the trees in the hills. This tree is exotic and beautiful and usually covered with bright feathery blossoms. The tree closely resembles the honey locust and the redbud. But unlike the honey locust and redbud, mimosa is not native to North America. It was imported in 1745 into the present-day United States.

Red Cedar tree is something of an icon of the Ozark mountains. This native North American tree thrives on poor soils. This tree is becoming less popular because of the large amounts of pollen it produces during the season. But this lowly cedar tree forms part of the beautiful landscape of the Ozarks. The mulberry tree has three kinds of species, one of the three is the red mulberry that is native to North America. It is believed that the other two both black and white mulberries originated east of the Mediterranean. These three types of mulberry tree have been growing in our country for at least 300 years. The white mulberry fruit is the sweetest among the three.   

The American Persimmon is another tree in the Ozarks that grows wild across Missouri and Arkansas hills. The persimmon fruit that resembles small pumpkin is hard and light-greenish yellow. The fruit itself can’t be kept long, so they are usually made into persimmon pudding, persimmon butter, and persimmon bread. Another common tree found in the Ozarks is the Catalpa tree which is evocative and picturesque in nature with the tendency to grow to extraordinary size. This tree can grow quickly to a great size and its wood is resistant to decay.

The Ozark region is one of the most interesting places in the Midwest where you will find it exciting to spend outdoor adventure while seeing many different kinds of trees that form part of its beautiful landscape.

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