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Nature Photography in the Ozarks

Date: 2015-09-10 05:00:00 am

Nature Photography in the Ozarks


nature photographyThe Ozarks region encompasses almost 55,000 sq. miles of vast wilderness mostly in Missouri and Arkansas. This is the place where adventurous can explore countless areas that can provide the best opportunity for nature photography in the Ozarks. The Ozarks region is the place where you can find fun in nature during summer where you can have the opportunity to photograph beautiful natural sceneries and magnificent wildlife in the Ozark Mountains in Missouri and northwestern Arkansas.

The natural beauty of the Ozarks is an outdoorsman’s dream.  It’s a wonderful place that allows great nature photography in picturesque lakes, clear running streams, thousands of caves, some of the country’s largest springs, and natural wonders that adorn the landscape. The Ozarks region is also famous for fishing and hunting. Many of the panoramic spots in the Ozarks provide a great opportunity for photographers to capture the fun in nature. During your summer trip to the Ozarks, it’s your chance to test your skills in photography while you are enjoying the majestic natural beauty in the wilderness.

Some of the best places that can give you great nature photography in the Ozarks is the Upper Buffalo River region around Newton County in Arkansas. This area is rugged and isolated portion of the Ozarks located in northwest Arkansas. Buffalo River features a dramatic landscape, breathtaking waterfalls during the rainy season, wild elk, plus millions of acres of wilderness and forests. Along the hillsides of the river, you can see picturesque view of colorful trees which is perfect for nature photography. From here you can hike back to Whitaker Point in the Upper Buffalo Wilderness Area where you can experience an Appalachian culture where organic ways and old fashioned customs are the norm.

Another great place that offers great fun in nature is the White River Valley that extends across southwest Missouri to northernmost Arkansas. The lake in the White River basin is known for great water sport adventures that include fishing, boating, scuba diving, and hunting. This lake holds world records for several fish species including a brown trout that weighs over 40 lbs. The beautiful scenery here and the hundreds of small villages that dot the land are outstanding making the place perfect for nature photography.    

The St. Francois Mountain in southeast Missouri is another portion in the Ozarks region where Precambrian volcanic rocks rising on top of the Ozarks Plateau created wonders and geological oddities such as Elephant Rocks. Giant pink granite rocks stacked together on top of each other, many as large as elephants. Another must-see in this area is the Johnson’s Shut-Ins that features a gorge carved out by the Black River with a unique rocky landscape and watery playground. Aside from having a great nature photography opportunity in the area, it is also great to enjoy trail hiking.

If you are looking for a great adventure where you can test your skills in nature photography, enjoy the fun in nature adventure on your next summer trip to the Ozarks region.

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