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Nature Trails at the Talking Rocks Cavern

Date: 2015-07-10 12:00:00 am

Nature Trails at the Talking Rocks Cavern


Talking Rocks Cavern is a wonderful tourist attraction in the Ozarks region that offers great outdoor adventures. The nature trail system of the cavern is comprised of four different trails. If you want to experience the best of nature trails, try a hike adventure on any of the trails where you will enjoy a unique way of fun and excitement. This tourist spot has a trail for everyone from beginner to experienced hiker.

Trails at the Talking Rocks CavernThe Springhouse Trail is one of the easiest of the four trails as it is only .2 miles in length and takes only an approximate time of 10 to 15 minutes to hike completely. In this trail, you can have the chance to visit The Springhouse and other trail on the way in going there and another one on the way back. The Stone Pancakes is one of the two moderate trails that has a length of .4 miles and takes only 20 to 25 minutes to complete. The Lookout Tower is another moderately difficult trail that spans .5 miles in length and takes approximately 30 minutes to complete.

As you continue hiking in the Lookout Tower trail, you will get to see on your final destination the 40-foot Lookout Tower. Once you get to the tower, a climb to the top gives you a spectacular view of the surroundings before you head back to the cave. The last of the four trails of the cavern to hike is The Waterfalls. This trail is the most difficult and the longest of the four as it reaches .8 miles long and takes approximately 45 minutes to complete. Although this is the longest among the trails, you get the chance to visit Lookout Tower and then down by the waterfalls.

Talking Rocks Cavern also features additional activities that are sure to give fun and excitement to visitors. Some of these activities include mini-golf, gem mining or sluicing, speleo boxes, and edutainment. One of the most popular activities in the cavern is the Mini-Golf that starts at the sinkhole and will follow through mostly tree-shaded course to the 9th hole. As you take your course, you will learn some facts about sinking streams, groundwater and many other interesting things. Gem Mining or Sluicing is another fun activity where you learn how to recognize semi-precious gems and minerals.

Another exciting activity in the cavern is the Speleo Boxes where you crawl through one or both of speleobox mazes. To start enjoying the fun, enter the maze and crawl along curved, twisting and winding passages. This great fun activity improves caving techniques through wooden cave passages that can be enjoyed by young and adult alike. Another educational activity offered in the cavern is the Edutainment where you learn valuable information about the incredible formations of stalactites and stalagmites that adorn the caves.

Talking Rocks Cavern is a majestic tourist spot in Branson that offers visitors four wonderful nature trails where they get to enjoy many kinds of fun activities.

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